Current Intentions February 2024

 Hey friends. We are already a week into February. Today I am sharing my intentions for February, looking back at 2024 intentions, and looking back at January intentions. I am have a bunch in store for today. Thank in you advance if you stick around. 

But first I usually linking up with Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness for currently. I am doing this post in advance and I didn't see her prompts for this month 


Sunshine. January was such a long dreary month. February has brought some warmer temps and sunshine. 

looking forward to

Longer days with more sunshine. 

 doing to be romantic

I am doing the heart a day in February. Each of my kids and Brian get a new heart of their door every morning with positive affirmations. I am also reading and doing the challenge in Love Unending, Rediscovering your marriage in the mist of motherhood. 


I can't think of anything I am really changing right how. 


This year we switched up celebrating family birthdays. We use to get together and gift each person on Brian's side of the family, which is like 12 people usually. Getting together isn't always easy with other plans, and gifting has turned into exchanging gift cards. Instead we are doing a dinner out per season. Last weekend was for the winter birthdays. Unfortunately I was home with sick kids so Brian went without me or the kids. 

February Intentions:


  • date night with Brian
  • neighborhood girls night
  • one on one time with Ella
  • drinks with a girlfriend
  • mother father son time


  • Bible recap and study guide everyday
  • drink 80 oz of water
  • workout 4 days a week
  • get a haircut
  • color my hair
  • read/listen to 8 books
  • order monthly chatbooks
  • go through photos eat day on phone 


  • start planning vacation for summer of 2024
  • family movie night
  • family game night
  • heart a day for kids
  • heart a day for Brian
  • attend Austin's basketball games
  • attend Austin's music program
  • Anna speech evaluation 

Home Life

  • organize game shelf and get ride of games with missing pieces
  • purge 29 items 
  • go through clothes pile in my room donate/sell/purge
  • buy Brian a new pillow
  • polish floors

Look Back at 2024 goals

  • Start budgeting and saving, save $1000 by end of the year 
    • cancelled audible subscription
    • cancelled kindle unlimited subscription
    • cancelled workout app I never use
  • Go on monthly date nights with Brian
    • did not happen in January
  • Learn to make homemade chicken and veggie broth that is good
    • not yet
  • Read Bible in one year with Bible Recap and using the study guide
    • Go behind from vacation and life, catch up on reading and recap, missed some days on study guide but giving myself grace
  • Connect with more local moms
  • Declutter one item each day (color calendar)
    • started off February strong, January was overwhelming
  • Replace 2 items each month with less toxic options
    • Exceed Tooth Polish (toothpaste)
    • Disinfectant that doesn't contain bleach
  • Workout at least 3x a week 
    • yes loving The Ladies Edge and throwing in Pilates ocassionally
  • Eat less crap that makes me feel like crap, more protein, water, and veggies
    • yes

Look Back at January intentions


  • date night with Brian- no
  • drinks with a girlfriend- yes
  • kids playdate- yes
  • coffee with neighborhood ladies- no


  • Bible study- yes
  • Workout doing 60 Days of Sweat with tle- yes but not everyday
  • Make time everyday for me- yes
  • Share new online store - i have shared on social. Want to learn more about the wellness box
  • Continue nightly stretches at least 4x a week- no


  • enjoy vacation- yes
  • family game night- yes
  • family movie night- yes

Home Life: 

  • Take down Christmas decorations- yes
  • remove wallpaper in kids bathroom- no
  • clear the clutter challenge with Coffee Pancakes and Dreams- no
  • remove 20 items from basement either donate or sell- no

1000 Hours Outside, started June 2023
June hours- 142
July hours- 131
August hours- 150
September- 135
October- 69
November- 23
December- 10
January- 32
Total Hours- 692

Apple Watch Goals:
Move goal 450 cal- 17 out of 31
Exercise goal 30 minutes- 18 out of 31
Stand goal 12 hours- 30 out of 31
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  1. A dinner out per season is a good way to celebrate that many people.

    1. It is somewhat a good idea, but that big of a party with picky eaters is a lot on a waitress too.

  2. My father's family used to to two big birthday celebrations each year where we'd celebrate anyone for that season and it worked out really well since we had family that had to travel pretty far to be together. I love that you're giving your husband hearts every day too... I did that once with my boys but never thought to do that for my husband!

    1. the men in our lives need some love and to feel appreciated too.

  3. I love your intentions! Great job with January's. I'm also looking forward to longer, warmer, sunnier days.

  4. I really need more days with sun and outside too! I can tell I'm feeling so cooped up right now.


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