Lets Look The Little Things

 Hey friends. Happy Wednesday and Happy Valentine's Day. We are halfway through the week. 

It's time for some fun. I am linking up with Erika and Shay today for this month's Let Look, Little Things We Do Every Single Day. 

I started off thinking oh this is going to be a quick post. Then I really started thinking what little things do I actually do everyday. This list became a lot long than I anticipated. All the little things you do in a day add up. I am sure there is a lot more that I also forgot. 

Every morning in no particular order

  • brush my teeth (toothpaste from wellness box
  • get dressed
  • put in contacts
  • wash my face
  • put on make-up
  • check my e-mail
  • check my blog
  • finalize blog post for next day
  • drink 8-16 oz hot/warm water with a slice of lemon before any caffeine 
  • drink coffee with collagen (collagen from wellness box)
  • eat breakfast
  • get the kids off to school
  • give my kids and hug and a kiss before they leave
  • give Brian a kiss when he leaves for work
  • play with Anna
  • make my bed
  • clean up kids rooms after they go to school (open blinds, close closet doors, turn off lights, feed fish)
  • feed fish in office
  • open all the blinds 
Every day in no particular order
  • dishes
  • drink 80 plus oz of water
  • Bible recap and study guide
  • gratitude journal
  • Question a Day
  • Journal
  • devotional (current one)
  • make dinner
  • listen to an audiobook 
  • play with Anna 
  • Talk with Brian
  • spend time with Ella
  • spend time with Austin
  • eat lunch
  • face time my mom/dad at least 2x
  • chat with my girlfriends
  • cuddle with Anna
  • pick up my phone a million times 
  • yell at my kids for something
  • tell me kids to "drink your water"
Every night in no particular order

  • fill humidifiers
  • fill diffusers with eucalyptus, lavender and lemon 
  • put Anna in pajamas
  • read Anna a bedtime story
  • read nightly devotional (current one)
  • wash face
  • night cap of mela-out and fiberwise (from wellness box)
  • Send a goodnight text to my dad 
  • close all the blinds

Some days
  • workout 
  • shower
  • taxi to preschool
  • watch my girlfriends daughter and taxi her to preschool
  • vacuum
  • laundry (on Fridays)
  • make sourdough 
What little things do you do everyday? 

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  1. What a great routine and I love that you communicate with your parents. I have also started making sourdough and try to do that once a week. Have a good day!


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