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 Hey friends. How are you and your family doing? Any one else family seem to be fighting every sickness one after the other? If you are know that you are not alone. It has been a while since I did just a quick Life Lately. Lets jump in with what's been going on. 

  • Since Christmas our family has had
    • RSV
    • ear infections x4
    • flu A x3
    • stomach flu x5 
    • an allergic reaction to an antibiotic 
  • I started watching my girlfriend's daughter this year, usually 1 to 2 days a week. I have had to cancel on her more times than I would like with these sick kids
  • Brian decided to get back to remodeling our office. I am excited to for it to get done, but living in a state of unorganized chaos is a big stressor for me. 
  • I have decided I want to try and make a lot more of our foods from scratch, and less store bought. 
  • Austin just finished up this season of basketball. I feel like this is his favorite sport. He would want to shoot hoops before and after school, even in the cold. 
  • Anna is signed up for soccer in the spring. Fingers crossed for good weather and being healthy by then.
  • Anna also is in the process of getting evaluated for speech therapy. 
  • Ella has been busy with after school activities from student council to service club. It feels like the last few weeks she has had something different going on every night after school.
  • We are suppose to be taking a big cross country road trip this summer but neither Brian or I have started really planning it yet. 
  • I am loving all my new to me products I am getting from my wellness box. I shared a post about the wellness box last week if you missed it. 
  • I am really digging into saving money on our grocery bill, eating what we have on hand, new recipes and being more frugal.

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