Weekend Wrap Up Its February

 Hey friends. We are already a few days into February and I am over it. I am ready for Spring, sunshine, kids outside, and way less germs. I keep jinx myself hoping for a normal week, which we haven't had yet this year. This week isn't going to be normal. 


Friday morning was rough. I picked Ella up from her dads house, all the intentions of her finally going back to school after being off 4 days sick. She starts complaining she doesn't feel good still. I check her temperature and she is running a fever again. Back to bed she went. 

Brian made me a delicious chicken sausage (from Trader Joes) egg and cheese on homemade sourdough bagels that I made the day before. Austin headed off to school then I got Anna ready. She had a preschool evaluation at our local school district to screen her for potential speech therapy and an iep when she starts Kindergarten in the fall. It was a drop off evaluation and she did so good. After the evaluation they decided they do want to do further testing and have an meeting so that is scheduled later this month. 

I picked Anna up from her evaluation, we came home and ate lunch, then I took her to her regular preschool. 

Next up was taking Ella to the express clinic. While we waited I read my daily devotional. Ella got tested for all the things but we wouldn't get the results until the night morning. She has been home sick all week with a fever, body aches, chills, and it comes and goes. 

I picked Anna up from school and we spent the rest of the evening at home. Brian was working an event. The kids and I made homemade sourdough pizza. It turned out so good. 

The evening my girlfriend and her friend came over for a wine night (he drank beer) since I couldn't leave kids at home. 
Around 10 pm Anna came downstairs, over tired and complaining her face hurt. Very random. I gave her some medicine for the pain and she laid down in my bed and fell asleep. 


Saturday morning I slept in a little, and I mean like 7:30. I got woken up by Anna complaining her ear hurt. I ate a quick breakfast then we were out the door. Oh I also got the results from Ella's test and she tested positive the flu. 

Back at the express clinic with Anna. They determined she had an ear infection in the right ear, and her left ear was potentially the start of an infection. They have her a prescription for Amoxicillin and set us on our way. 

We left the doctors, stopped at home to pick up Austin's glasses then headed to his basketball game. We got there 15 minutes late. In that 15 minutes he got hit in the face with the ball and his face got scratched up. Thankfully he didn't break his good glasses. He played a good game but wasn't as focused. 

After the game I dropped Anna off at home then went back out to pick up a book from the library for Ella and to the store to get Anna's medicine that was now ready. 

We are in our game playing era with Anna. She loves playing games and is doing good with following the directions and not cheating to win. 

We were watching some basketball, the next thing I notice is Austin is asleep onto of Brian. His nap only lasted about 10 minutes. 

Anna and I were cuddling on the couch too and she ended up taking a nap. 

While Anna was napping Austin requested to go to the library (why didn't he say anything the first time I went?). He picked out a few books and we headed back home.

Ella was running a fever again and sleeping most of the day. My mom was suppose to watch Austin and Anna while Brian, Ella and I went out to dinner with Brian's family to celebrate some birthdays. With the flu being in my house and my mom having surgery Tuesday (today) she didnt' feel comfortable watching the kids in risk of her getting sick before surgery. I opted to stay home while Brian and Austin went to dinner. Anna and I spent the evening cuddling, playing games, and watched Cinderella with Brandi. 


Sunday we woke up to Austin complaining he didn't feel good. Ella also still wasn't feeling well. Brian, Anna, and I went to church and left Ella home watching Austin. They both slept the whole time. Brian was only gone for the service, I stayed with Anna for Sunday School. 

I made a successful delicious cinnamon roll focaccia. I finished it before church and also had some egg whites. 

After church and Sunday school we were back to our playing games era. 

The rest of the day was very low key with lots of cuddles, tv, games, naps, and relaxing. I turned off the kids alarms before bed knowing they weren't going to school as they both still had fevers. 

I am so over everyone being sick. I am thankful that Brian and I haven't gotten what the kids have. Prayers Ella gets better quickly and that Austin doesn't get as sick as Ella has been. 

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