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 Hey friends. I love taking the time and talking about random things that I would discuss with my girlfriend over coffee or wine or water like this morning. A totally random post. But I love reading others randomness too. Grab a coffee, tea, or wine and lets chat. 

  • I am so grateful that Brian and I have been able to help out our neighbors in their time of need. We watched their 3 kids when they needed to get some things done in preparation for a funeral. 
  • I am still loving baking sourdough bread. The only thing I haven't tried in a long time is buns, otherwise I make everything myself. I also still buy the kids sandwich bread because they have their moods of when they like my sandwich bread and when they don't. 
  • I am excited for our cross country road trip out west this summer, but I am still dreading planning it. I think we determined we are going in August so we still have fun but it will be here soon enough. I really need to just sit down and come up with ideas and lists because I am a lists girl. 
  • I am loving our new office. I really need to do a remodel update blog post. It feels so much more professional vibe. My sister calls it the principals office, while Ella called it a lawyers office. There are less distractions, more space, and I seem to be more productive. 
  • I have left the health and fitness world because it was taking a negative toll on my mental health. It has taken a while but I am finally getting into a healthy workout routine for me. I am not stressing over sharing on social media, recording aspects of it, getting other women to join me. I am just doing it for me and the way it makes me feel. I still may not be losing any weight but I am feeling great and have more energy.
  • My word of the year is INTENTIONAL. It hits in so many different aspects. I have really taken a step back on a lot of the behind the scenes of life and been making more memories with my kids, but also when I do sit down to work I am less scattered and doing all the things at once. 
  • Anna is all signed up for full day kindergarten in the fall. I am excited for her but sad that my last baby will be in Kindergarten, what will I do with my days. 

Anything new or exciting going on in your life?

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