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  Hey friends.  How is your week going? Today starts our new schedule with Anna going to preschool in the morning (instead of the afternoon) then having speech therapy. It will make my days a little less crazy when I have my girlfriends daughter and not running a amuck at the same time as my other two are getting home from school. This also gives me 3 hours ish 3 days a week free in the morning to myself. 

I am linking up with Erika and Shay today for this month's Let Look.

In January we looked at How we clean out closet
In February we looked at Little Things We Do Every Single Day
In March we looked at Our Grocery Carts

This month we are looking at Daily Quiet Prayer Time

I wish I could say that my prayer time was quiet. Most mornings I am doing my morning time while the kids are awake, the tv is going, getting asked questions in between, real life motherhood. I thrive and am working to get back into getting up before the house/my kids and taking time for me first thing. Currently in my stage of motherhood it hasn't happened that way in a while or consistently. And that is ok. You have to do what works for you, your kids, and your family. 

Our office just got redone and most mornings after the older two go to school I get my little one set up doing something then I head into the office to start my day with my morning routine. I documented a day at the end of March before my kids were off for Spring Break. 

With my reheated coffee in hand I got comfortable at the desk in the office.

First up, I am reading the bible in a year (again) with the Bible Recap. I start by listening to the bible being read to me on the Youversion Bible app while I read from my physical bible. I will make notes and/or highlight verses that stick out to me. 
After reading the bible verses for the day I watch the bible recap for the day on Youtube, which is also linked in my plans on the Youversion Bible app.

After finishing reading that days verses of the bible, I answer the Question of the Day, write in my gratitude journal, write in my journal, and read a daily devotional. (not always in the same order) I am loving my currently devotional- New Morning Mercies that was recommended by a few people on Instagram. 

Pens and highlights, gel pens are from the Dollar Store. I don't use the gel pens in my bible because they bleed.

Each day that I journal I either write what is on my mind, answer a question, do a journal challenge from Memories by Meyers, elaborate my thoughts on a sticker, write quotes that I have read that I love, etc. There is no rhyme or reason what I am journaling. 

Do you have a daily quiet prayer time routine? 

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  1. New Morning Mercies is a great daily book! I need to start a gratitude journal. Have a good day!


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