Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey friends. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We have a somewhat lowkey, but busy weekend. I was very present and didn't take many photos at all. 

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Friday after school was Taylor filled with music. My oldest is obsessed with Taylor Swift and as soon as she was doing with her homework she was listening to her new album on Spotify, all 31 songs. 

I made homemade pizza for dinner with the help of Anna. She helped spread the dough, spread the sauce, shredded the cheese with the Kitchen-Aid, and put cheese and pepperoni on top. When it was done she said, next time no sauce. she is my weight little girl who doesn't like red sauce.

Austin had his first baseball practice of the season. Brian is the coach again this year. It was cold so the kids and I stayed home.

The rest of the night the kids played, I finished laundry, Ella listened to Taylor, Brian watched sports on the living room tv, and I watched Vampire Diaries on the bedroom tv.


I slow start to my Saturday morning. I had all the intentions of sleeping in, but the kids had us up before 630. I guess that is better than 530 but I was lazy getting out of bed. Brian had to work at 830 and left around 8. I was up before he left and started making waffles. I made a batch of sourdough protein waffles to have for breakfast and to put in the freezer for the kids to eat throughout the week or so. 

Anna had her first soccer practice. At her age they only have fundamental practice and no games. It was cold, with temps in the upper 30s and feel like temp 33. We bundled up and went to watch practice. 

Brian and our neighbor Marc are the coaches together this year so Anna and his son play on the same team. Overall the kids did really good with playing in the cold.

* Why did I go to one kids practice and not the other?* Anna asked that we all went to her practice. I also had to watch the other coaches 2 year old daughter during practice. She was so behaved sat and ate, then we cuddled under a blanket when her fingers got cold. 

Ella requested to go to the library for homework assignment to get a book and to go buy the new Taylor Swift album, the phantom edition with the clear vinyl. She spent her own money that she saved from birthdays and Christmas to get it. 

While we were shopping, Brian and the kids were joined by the neighbors and their kids. The guys watched sports, while the kids played together so well. There was no fighting or arguing. They brought over this red wine from Trader Joes that we had with dinner that was really good. 
The night ended at 830, by then all the kids were tired and our kitchen was a huge mess from Brian cooking all day. He made wings in the air fryer that were delicious but so messy. 


Sunday morning means church. I get up and get myself ready before I even go downstairs otherwise I am rushed getting myself and the kids ready. After getting ready I folded the last loads of clothes and towels that Brian did randomly. 
It was a shitshow of a morning. There is no better way to describe it. If it would have went wrong it did. Brian tried to make bagels in the air fryer (that hadn't been cleaned) and it started smoking so he turned it off and put the bagels in the oven to toast. They still ended up tasting like burnt air fryer so they got thrown away. We bought coffee at Sam's Club that tasted and smelled like mold, so that got thrown away. He tried another attempt at making bagels in the oven, but he got distracted doing other things and they got over toasted. It was a morning we were grateful to go to church for donuts and coffee after service. 

After Church and Sunday school that kids and I came home. Brian was showing houses. Ella had a play date for a little bit then we went to my girlfriends daughters birthday party. During that time Brian was working out our garden ,that we have across the street in our neighbors fenced in back yard. After the party we headed to another neighbors house for dinner. We had chicken tortilla soup, appitiezers, and crab legs. 

Overall we had a wonderful weekend with some great neighbors and friends and that start of the sports season and freezing weather. What do you know today is the the 60s and would be perfect for sports. Hopefully Spring sticks around. 

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  1. That was a busy weekend! It does seem like Sunday mornings all the little things go wrong, don't they? I hope you have a good Monday!

    1. yes it is always when we are rushed and have a lot going on.

  2. Despite the "shit show" it sounds like an awesome weekend in the burbs :) Love it!


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