What We Ate Week 16

 Hey friends. Happy Monday. Lets take food. Last week did not go as planned. The sourdough bread I had planned for the week didn't turn out, I made started then forgot to make the bread, my meat didnt thaw in time, and throw in a sick kid. That's true mom life, Life doesn't go as planned but we make the best of it. Oh and I sucked with taking pictures again. 

all week I had scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese and sometimes some mixed veggies like mushrooms and peppers. 


2 days I had sushi that I grabbed at Sam's club. I had a salad one day, and leftover hot dogs the other. 


Monday- hearts of palm pasta with freezer red sauce mixed with ground turkey and alfredo sauce that was also in the freezer.  (freezer means we ate it before then I put the leftovers in the freezer)

Tuesday- chicken tacos

Wednesday- leftovers

Thursday- the ground meat wasnt thawed to make burger bites so I grabbed pizza out of the freezer

Friday- burger bites


a lot of garbage that I was eating with my kids and shakes. 

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