May Monthly Musing

 Hey friends. I am linking up today with  Patty and Holly for monthly musing. This months theme is Getting Ready for Summer.

1- What are you looking forward to this summer?
My kids being home and going on adventures with them. From walks around the neighborhood, visiting different parts, Cedar Point and more.

2- Favorite summer traditions?
The kids and I sit down and come up with a summer bucket list. We come up with a bunch of ideas to do each summer. 

3- Favorite summer recipe? Please Share!!
Anything that Brian makes on the grill, means I don't have to cook. 

We make these best burgers a lot and switch up toppings. 

4- Summer vacation plans?

As of right now we have no big summer vacations plans. Brian is starting a new job and it has changed our plans. We will be spending a few days at Brian's aunts farm down in Kentucky, camping in the backyard that the kids are excited for, and little trips. 

5- Cole Slaw or Potato Salad? Recipe to share?
Potato salad. I need to make some and share my recipe.

6- Favorite ice cream or frozen treat?
Dairy free ice cream. There is a local ice cream place, Mitchells, that has a delicious Buckeye dairy free which is chocolate and peanut butter. 

7- Favorite summer beverage?
Lots of water, sometime unsweetened iced tea, and water with lemon are my go to drinks. I also enjoy a hazy ipa beer. Some other drinks I make are 

Watermelon Mojito 

8- Beach, lake or mountain?

9- Best ways to beat the heat in the summer?
Most of the summer you will find my kids playing in some sort of water from a pool to a water table, to the sprinkler. At times you will find me there too. 

10- Favorite sunscreen?
I don't have a favorite 

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  1. Ok your cocktails look and sound amazing!!

  2. Water with lemon is always refreshing! I went to cedar point years ago and it was so fun! Makes me think of the old Brady Bunch episode when they went there!

  3. Camping sounds like fun. We used to camp when our girls were little and I'd love to take my grandchildren. We probably need to replace some of our equipment, although I know the tent is in good shape still. We sometimes set it up when the boy grands visit and they enjoy playing in it. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Congrats on Brian's new job! Your summer cocktails look perfect.


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