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 Hey friends. We have switched from our beloved Costco to Sam's Club. Our membership expired and Sam's Club had an amazing deal back in April to get a membership for $14. I couldn't pass it up. I had been wanting to try Sam's Club for a while, but couldn't get Brian on board. Brian agreed to try Sam's. I have gone 3 times already, signed up for their credit card to get additional perks and so far we are enjoying it. I made a quick trip yesterday with Anna to get a few things. Here's what we got and a few thoughts. 

I had to start with the face. We ended our trip getting a cheap lunch for less than $4. Anna got a hot dog and drink and I got a huge slice of pizza. The look is when Anna realized how big her hot dog was. She ate half the hot dog and enjoyed her pink lemonade that she had never had before. 

Onto what I bought yesterday. 

Brian drinks 1-3 sparkling waters a day. I have one on occasion. He isn't particular on brand, more so flavors. This 24 pack was on sale for $7.98.

My kids love strawberries. They can eat a 2 lb pack in 2 days if I let them. They were only $3.82 for 2 lbs, I bought 2 packages.

I use coconut oil in a lot of my baking. $8.98

At Aldi this week there was no good looking salads. I decided to try this Italian chopped salad for $3.12

My kids love these Better Nut Bars. Ingredient wise they are better than the comparable to ones at Costco. This box was only $12.96

Anna wanted something. I agreed to this dress, even though she really wanted the same thing we bought for her friend for her birthday. This dress will get a lot of use. $11.98

We bought her friend these Disney Minnie Mouse ears. They will be perfect for her dress up area. $24.98

I also grabbed a red grapes 3 lbs for $6.44, Southern Tier 15 pack of beer $19.99, 10 pack black socks for Brian $11.98, and a watermelon for $6.98

Sam's Club does have a lot of good deals. It is a 10 minute further drive than Costco. They have less gas pumps and their coffee sucks. It tasted and smelled like mold. They also don't have unbleached flour. We will eventually be going back to get a Costco membership. 
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  1. You had some great finds! I love the Scan and Go app at Sam's!


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