Weekend Wrap Up Celebrating Mother's Day

 Hey friends. How was your weekend? We had a somewhat relaxing, wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I can't complain. 


A crazy start to the weekend and still solo parenting. Ella had to be to school by 715 to help with selling donuts with student council. That meant I had to get Anna and Austin up and dressed and out the door by 7, which is normally the time Austin wakes up. (even thought all week while Brian was gone he was up around 6am, but Anna picked this day to sleep in).

After dropped Ella off, we went home to eat breakfast and get ready to take Austin to school for walk to school day. Which we did not make it in time to. There was confusion on what time walk to school was because of a change of location. When we tried to pull in the parking lot for said location the kids were already walking and blocking the entrance so I decided just to go sit at the school. I offered for Austin to get out of the car and see his friends but he just wanted to stay in the car. 

After dropping off Austin we had 20 ish minutes to spare before we had to head to Anna's school. It had rained the night before so instead of going to the playground we walked around the rec center looking for baby geese which we did not find.

While Anna was at school I got some things done around the house. The few hours that she is at school goes by so quick. 

My monthly wellness box came. I personalize what I get each month. Who wants to see what I got for May?

After picking Austin up from school we had to take Ella to her dads. He asked and we try to help each other out. On the way home we stopped and got McDonalds for dinner. Then had a lazy evening with early bedtimes with tired crabby kids. I also went to bed early. Then woke up Saturday and heard all about the Northern Lights, which is a bucket list item. If I was awake I would have been able to see the lights in our yard. 


Up early to get the kids ready for the day, and clean the house. I decided I wasn't doing anything on Mother's Day but I was still going to have the house cleaned before then. Also Brian was coming home from his work trip, he had been gone since Tuesday. The plan was to fed my kids, get them dressed, do the cleaning, and workout all before having to take Austin to Grandma's and go to soccer with Anna. It was suppose to rain and I didn't want to worry about Austin's cast getting wet. The weather changed and their were storms in the forecast so soccer got cancelled. 

I got my 4th workout done for the week 

After my workout I made some coffee from my wellness box, and ready some of a new book I got from the library. 

Brian came home around 11. The kids were happy to see him. He unpacked, we talked, he did some work, then he took Austin Mother's Day shopping. He had to get gifts, cards, and all the food for brunch.

It had stopped raining by the afternoon. Even though it was still a little chilly Anna wanted to go chalk. I thought we had gotten rid of this blue color. I was wrong. She not only chalked the driveway, she put her hands and feet in the chalk, then ran her hand across her face and got chalk all over. When she was done she went straight upstairs (with me carrying her) to take a shower. Since I was at it I gave Austin a shower too. (Normally Sunday is shower night) 

We had leftovers for dinner. Then had a movie night watching Shrek. 


My kids don't know what sleep is anymore. The sun's awake so they are awake. They were both up Sunday morning before 6am. I got out of bed around 630 to take a shower and get ready for church. Brian went and grabbed me coffee from Dunkin.
I got myself and the kids ready and we were out the door at 8 to go pick up Ella from her dads. We grabbed her, dropped her off back at home (she was helping Brian get ready for mother's day brunch). Anna Austin and myself went to church then came home for brunch. 

We did pictures before we ate. 

Memaw with my kids

Memaw with all her grandkids

my mom and siser

my mom with both her daughters

Grandma with all her grandkids

Grandma with her sons (and granddaughter who wouldn't leave her fathers side and her mom decided she didn't want to spend Mother's Day with her family or daughter, instead went shopping all day by herself)

We had a nice brunch. Then my girlfriend and her daughters came over for a while. They left then the neighbor families came over to hang out as well. We all had dinner together and just a nice relaxing day. 

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