Weekend Wrap Up- Emergency Surgery

 Hey friends. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Ours started with a sicky, gorgeous weather, we were productive, then it took a turn for the worse with an ambulance ride x2 and emergency surgery. Throw in the start of the craziness of the "Maycember" season. Lets jump in with a recap. It is a long one with all the details of the accident and surgery. 


The older two kids headed off to school and I started my morning reset which included disinfecting the house. Anna had been running a fever since Wednesday with no other symptoms besides a headache. Just to be safe and keep everyone else healthy I disinfected our house with cleaner from the wellness box. 

Anna was feeling better and she requested I play memory with her. I sat there while she set it up, so she couldn't cheat. If you are not in the room she will put all the matches together and flip them over next to each other so every time she gets a match. 

Did you know Friday was National Pretzel day. Just by chance I was making pretzel bites to take with us to a church dinner. We ended up canceling with Anna still running a fever, not worth getting anyone else sick. I had started the dough the night before so I still made them and they turned out delicious. Anna wanted to help so she made the pretzel on the bottom so no one else would touch it. 

Speaking of feeling better. Anna helped me with laundry. She insisted on folding the basket after we took it out of the dryer. Guess that is better than it sitting for 2 days before folding. 

After Brian got home from work he took Anna to our local express clinic. Anna ended up testing positive for strep throat. The doctor said it is going around and it is not uncommon for little kids to get strep and only symptom is a headache and fever. 


At what age do they let me go to the bathroom in peace. Yes Anna was trying to turn the light off on me and Austin tried having a full conversation. Brian was had work then he went to Anna's soccer practice even though she stayed home, he still had to coach. 

I got my 3rd workout done for the week. My goal is 4 but I will take 3. 

It was a gorgeous day. Brian cut our grass while Anna and I enjoyed my shake that she stole (in her own cup so I don't get sick) She also played with chalk and ran around. 

Our azalea bushes are looking gorgeous. 

After 4pm our neighbors came over for the kids to play. They have been seeing each other across the street but we waited until Anna had her antibiotics for 24 hours before hanging out. The kids played on the trampoline, in the sandbox, and boys being boys went in the woods and were knocking own trees and trying to build a fire. (minus the fire it was to nice out for that) 

The girls had to get involved too. 
We had Freddy's for dinner for the first time. The opened a new location close by and we decided to try it. Anna wasn't impressed with the chicken tenders. Austin loved the burger. Brian enjoyed his. I thought it was ok. The kids meals came with ice cream sundae in place of a drink for 70 cents so we shared with the kids. I spent the rest of the evening in bed in a horrible stomach ache, I know better to eat ice cream. 


At church for Sunday school, Austin's group planted flowers and bushes in the churches butterfly garden. 

The kids came home with two sunflowers to plant outside each, and one for Ella. 

After lunch I touched up the paint on my Disney planters. They were starting to peel. I ordered the spray coat to be able to leave them outside. 

We planned to spend the rest of the afternoon across the street putting in our garden, (they have a fenced in backyard). It turned into a 3 family community event. The kids were all running around playing, the guys were gardening and the ladies were chatting. The adults were all getting dinner ready, the next thing we know Austin screamed, a scream you never want to hear and ran over with his arm dangling. He had fallen off the top of the slide part of the bounce house. (boys will be boys, kids will be kids, accidents happen. they goof off and have fun and have done this numerous times)
I sat down with Austin on the patio, put his arm back in position it is suppose to be in and held his head so he wouldn't look down at his arm. The break did NOT pierce the skin but the arm was noticeably not straight. Brian called the ambulance while the 4 other parents calmed down and kept all the kids away. 

Austin was loaded up on the stretcher and taken to the local ER. Brian got to ride in the ambulance with him. I stayed back for a few minutes. Got Anna settled down with our friends and my parents drove out to watch her. 

Austin was such a trooper. He never cried, unless they moved his arm. In the emergency room they gave him morphine and took x-rays. It was determined he needed emergency surgery. The hospital we were at was not equipped to do pediatric orthopedics, even though they have a pediatric unit. It was determined he had to be transferred to Rainbows Babies and Children in downtown Cleveland. The hospital prepped him for transport by giving him a temporary stint. He arrived at this hospital a little after 6. They called for transport to downtown at 8, and pick up time was scheduled for 11:30pm. Because he had an iv, morphine, and stint we couldn't just drive him ourselves. Brian drove home (10 minute drive) to pack an overnight bag and change him clothes as he was still in gardening clothes and sandals. I stayed with Austin until about 930 then I headed home to try and rest and take care of the girls.
Ella had been with her dad when all this happened, but I was suppose to pick her up on Monday morning at 6am. With everything going on I called him and asked him to bring her home to my mom that evening not knowing what the next day looked like. I am very grateful that he helps out when needed. 
When I got home my parents, Anna was already asleep, Ella was a wreck but wouldn't admit it but you could tell she was concerned about Austin. I explained everything to my parents and had my first cry of the day. I say this because one of the other moms later asked me how I held myself together she would have been in tears and screaming. I honestly don't know. I think your body just goes into survival mode and I knew I had to stay strong for Austin and the other kids so they didn't flip out even more. 
It was a long sleepless night. Ella was up until close to midnight saying she could sleep, but she would never admit she was worried but you could tell. Anna woke up 4x crying and asking for Austin. She ended up in my bed just cuddling. 


Brian and Austin got to Rainbows Babies and Children hospital around 1am. They Factimed me to let me know they were there and Austin was awake again. They planned on doing more xrays and getting a game plan. These xrays were the most painful, they had cut off the stint and had to move his arm in different positions to see the bone better. He broke the bone in his upper arm, the humerous. It wasn't just a little break or fracture, the whole bone snapped in half. We were told that this is the most common break for kids ages 3-8 from trampolines, not normally boucne houses (and yes we have a trampoline too). I also got another phone call when the orthopedic surgeon team was in discussing the game plan. Surgery was scheduled for 8am, would take about an hour, and they were going to use pins to put the bone back together and if everything went as planned they wouldn't have to do any incisions. (minus the pin holes) 
I was in and out of sleep all night and phone calls back and forth. Brian got an hour of sleep before 7am when the nursing staff game in to prep Austin for surgery. He actually was taken back before 8. 
I waited for my mom to come back and watch the girls. I stopped and got myself and Brian some coffee and a sandwich from Dunkin, neither of us had eaten since lunch the day before. I got to the hospital a few minutes after he was in surgery. 

Surgery went well. They didn't have to do the incision just three pins. After a little recovery he was sent back to his room from the night before because they were watching for nerve damage. When he evaluated before surgery he couldn't feel all his fingers and had limited movement. They wanted to keep an eye on this instead of sending him home after a quick recovery which they would have normally done. 
He got a popsicle. water, and a few bags of goldfish in recovery. He has had to walk around a little and go pee before we could leave. An orthopedic resident came in and checked his fingers and said they were looking good and he had feeling again. He gave us some tips of keeping his hand elevated and to keep moving them to get blood flowing to help. We got out of the hospital by 1, stopped and grabbed some McDonalds and Subway. I guess there was bribery done before surgery for Austin to go pee and the reward was McDonalds, at least it worked. 

Everyone was excited to see Austin. Anna gave him a bunch of kisses and didn't want to leave the room he was in. She has also been an awesome helper on getting him things. Ella sat with him and played Roblox with him. Brian's mom and Aunt bought him a few button up shirts for him to wear with the cast, he came home in the hospital gown because we didn't have anything he could fit in. 

While we were at the hospital, Ella and Anna didn't go to school. Ella made the coolest sidewalk chalk game. It went from hop scotch, follow the steam, hop on the lilly pads, dance like no one is watching, follow the rainbow, touch the stars, and more. I shared an instagram reel with the whole thing. 

Austin is doing awesome. He is in heaven having all the tablet and tv time. His friends have all stopped by dropping off cards, ice cream, and popsicles. We go on Friday to get his permanent cast that he will wear for a little over 3 weeks. Then he should only have restrictions for a month but still be able to enjoy our summer. 

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  1. Poor little guy! and your poor mama heart! My son broke his arm when he was 4, and had to have surgery (but no pins) to reset it. I hope he recovers quickly!

  2. Poor guy - what a trooper though -

  3. That was a lot of excitement! I hope he heals well.


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