Bored Jar Summer Edition

 Hey friends. School is out. Days of the kids being awake from sun up to sun down. Who else is dreading the kids starting with "I'm Bored" or "there is nothing to do" when you know there are hundreds of toys and things for your kids to do to entertain themselves? If you answered yes I have a solution to help you. A Bored Jar. 

What the heck is a bored jar? It is a jar, or bowl filled with ideas of activities to do when your kids say "I'm Bored". 

These ideas are great for getting your kids outside doing something active. Perfect for summer when we want our kids getting fresh air and off electronics. 

Some activities you may need to prep in advance such as scavenger hunts or ice cube digs. Other activities you don't need anything like cloud gazing. Let your kids use their imagination and have fun. 

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