Preschool Graduation

 Hey friends. How is my last child already heading to Kindergarten in the Fall? I feel like she was just born yesterday. 

Audrianna has grown so much in the 3 years she attended Fit by Five. All my kids went there for preschool and loved it. Ella and Austin only went for 2 years. They have a different approach to learning being very active instead of sitting at a table all day. The school does obstacle courses, climbing ladders, slides, swings, scooters, trampoline and so much more fun stuff. They do also do some sitting work but most of the day they are active. 

At 2 years old Anna started going two days a week for 90 minutes and cried for the first few weeks. 

She ended up loving it even though she never really talked. 

Audrianna got bumped up to older 3's preschool even though she was a young 3 based on how many years she had before Kindergarten. She went to school 3 days a week for 2 and a half hours in the morning. 

She grew so much in this year and made some friends.

Pre-k getting you ready for Kindergarten the following year. She started the year going for going 3 days a week for 3 hours in the afternoon. The last two months of the school year she ended up switching to the morning class due to schedule adjustments with Brian's work and my nannying. 

A few months into the school year her group teacher, each group has up to 7 kids. With her new teacher she learned so much. She noticed she was holding her scissors incorrectly, and helped her a lot with her numbers. 

At graduation they sang a bunch of adorable songs, one being a different version of Zipp a dee do dah but saying its Graduation day. 

Each kid is announced and asked what they want to be when they grow up. Anna said a teacher. Then they got a diploma. 

This girl and her sass. Here she is a with her two best friends, one was in her class, the other one ditched Kindergarten for the day. 

Anna is so excited to be going to full day Kindergarten next year (half day is an option). She will be riding the bus with her brother and neighborhood friends. It will be so weird to not have any kids home all day. Maybe I will actually get stuff done. 

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