Solo Parenting Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

 Hey friends. This week I am solo parenting again. This is only the second time that Brian has had to go away for a week for work. I did a quick run into Aldi to grab groceries for the week. I dropped my middle off at summer reading camp, and my oldest woke up to watch my youngest. (oh to be a preteen and sleep until 11 would be great) 

This weeks haul was random, grabbing the kids breakfast, snacks, and staples. We still have a stocked freezer with meats and odds and ends. I keep track of everything with our kitchen inventory system that you can grab a copy of over on Etsy. 

You can watch this weeks grocery haul video HERE

Weekly Dinner Menu: Monday- Cheesesteak Tortellini Tuesday- Chicken Tacos Wednesday- Leftovers Thursday- My Sisters Birthday Dinner Friday- Pizza Saturday- My Birthday Dinner Sunday- Cookout

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