10 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Daylight savings was yesterday that means spring is in the air. Before we know it the birds will be chirping, flowering will be budding, and the kids will be outside playing without coats on. Time to start cleaning the house, decluttering, and purging. aka Spring Cleaning. 

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Today I am linking up with Erin from Perfectly Port Family for the monthly 10 on the 10. This months theme is 10 Spring Cleaning Tips. 

I would say personally I have a fairly clean house (ignore my mess of a basement). I keep up on vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping baseboards, cleaning windows ... all pretty regularly. When it comes to the dreaded word Spring Cleaning, I just want to run and hide. I sit here and thing of all the things I want to do and just get overwhelmed. I'm sure I am not the only one. 
I have come up with 10 helpful tips to help you with your spring cleaning. ( in random order)

~ ONE ~

Don't expect to get all the cleaning done in one day. Unless you have a one bedroom apartment, it is not realistic to expect your spring cleaning to be done in just one day. It could take a few weeks or a couple of weeks depending on how big your house, how intense you clean, and you long you spend on each task.

~ TWO ~
Make a master to do list. Write out each room in your house. Then write down what needs done in each room. Making a written list gives you an itemized agenda that you can cross off when complete and add other items you forgot.


Purge, get rid of items while you are cleaning. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if you should keep it, donate it, or toss it.
- Do you love it?
- Do you use it a few times a year?
- Does it fit or go with your style?
- Do you have something similar that you use more?
- Would someone else use it?
- Is it worth anything?

~ FOUR ~
Start one room at a time. It can be overwhelming to say I am going to go through everyone's clothes. This goes back to the master list idea start small and do one project at a time. 

~ FIVE ~

Replace and Refill- I know your like "WHAT?" But really batteries in fire detectors need replaces, baking powder in your fridge doesn't absorb smells forever, Fill hand soap, hand sanitizer, dish soap that is around the house. ( we buy in bulk and refill instead of buying a new bottle when we run out, saves money) Water filters and air filters need changed also.

~ SIX ~

Have the cleaning supplies you need before you start. Window cleaner, floor cleaner, duster, rags, Febreze, toilet bowl cleaner, bath tub cleaner, etc. Whatever you need make sure you have it before you start. There is nothing like getting half way through mopping the floor to run out of floor cleaner. Then you have to run to the store, and the rest of the floor really never gets cleaned.  


Declutter before you start. There is no point is starting to clean a room that has items in it that belong in another room. Such as: you dont need hot wheels in the bathtub when they belong in the bedroom, or food in the fridge that is expired and needs tossed out. 


Ask for help from others who live in your house. If you live alone that doesn't apply to you. Most kids will love helping clean something, you may have to do a little reward at the end. If I give my 6 year old a rag she will help wipe walls or baseboards. My 2 year old will clean the fish tank with a wipe. Also I can't always go through clothes by myself, like I dont know what Brian wears, wants, or needs. 

~ NINE ~ 

Start from the top to bottom. You don't want to clean your fan blades after you already swept and mopped the floor. 

~ TEN ~ 

Last but not least. DON'T STRESS IT!! Cleaning and getting everything done isn't worth the stress. There is always tomorrow. Take your time your house isn't going anywhere. Open the windows, turn up the music, and have some fun with it.

What are some of your Spring Cleaning Tips? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

Part of my plan is to come up with a cleaning schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally. Would you be interested in a copy when I'm finished?

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