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Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. I have been in a mood the last few days. I had no motivation to do anything, from dishes, to blog to talk to anyone. Audrianna is having a sleep regression and waking up numerous times through the night and stay up for hours instead of eating and going right back to sleep. Aubriella has had a little bit of attitude, Austin has just been more whiny then normal, plans aren't falling through the way I hoped... If it wasn't for taking care of my kids I probably wouldn't have gotten out of bed. I am a little bit better today. I am hoping that sharing some Friday Favorites today will help put me in a better mood. Plus this weekend we have some fun fall festivals and a family photo shoot planned. I dont want to be a grouch for those and ruin our weekend. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

The leaves are starting to change. There is this one tree by Ella's school that is gorgeous with its colors. 

~ TWO ~

I got an e-mail from Keri Lynn Synder that included a free printable scavenger hunt for kids. It was such a cute idea I printed it off and took it with me to get Ella from school on day. We had no reason to rush home after school instead we took out time and Ella did this fun scavenger hunt. She loved it and requested to do one every day after school. That hasn't happened but I may find another to do on a different day. 


Our local fire station had their first annual open house. The fire station is within walking distance from our house so we took a nice evening walk to check it out. There were fire trucks and ambulances, smock detector and carbon monoxide detector information, snacks, and the big hit the huge blow up slide. Austin loved it. He at least when down it 20 times. He would scream before he even started to slide. 

Even though it was a little chilly they let the kids hold the fire hose and spray it a little, was not on full force was less than a normal house hose. 

Austin had a lot of fun and is already talking about going back again soon. 

~ FOUR ~

Most mornings that kids ask/fight/argue over holding Audrianna. I love it when they are all good and they are all in a good mood. It is a big help to letting me get something done if they are keeping her entertained. This isn't always the case if Audrianna wants to eat or only wants me which is her new thing. 

Austin only gets to hold her supervised and it normally only lasts a few minutes than he is done and pushes her away. 

Aubriella is great with Audrianna. She does sometimes give me a heart attack and she moves her around and doesn't always suppose her head very well. 

~ FIVE ~

Its been a happy mail kind of week. From vitamins, our shirts for family pictures, Ella a surprise box from  Food Stirs, and a sample box from Clif Kids

~ SIX ~

Best friends for life (hopefully). They will sit there and talk in their own language it is so adorable. 


Audrianna is getting so big and strong in her neck muscles. She loves sitting up for a few minutes a day. We still struggle with tummy time. 


This mornings sunrise on the way home from picking up Ella this morning. Beautiful and colorful. Ella said it looked like a sunset. (she took the photo from the backseat)

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