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Happy Monday. I can't believe it is already the second Monday of the month. This month is going to fly by. Hopefully that means Spring will be here quicker, or at least feel like it is quicker. We had a gorgeous Sunday and today is suppose to be even warmer. I am ready for being outside more. 

It's time for another Not Just A Mom link up with:

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January we shared Introductions
Last month we talked about Date Nights

This month we are talking about Self Care

I saw this years ago and saved it to my phone as a reminder that Self Care is different for everyone. For some people self care could be a weekend away without the kids, at the spa in the Caribbean at an all inclusive resort with your 3 best friends. (A mom can dream right) For others it could mean just going to the grocery store ALONE. 

Some days/weeks are exhausting. From cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, changing diapers, helping with homework, breaking up fights... the list goes on that needs done. Making time is important for our sanity. Taking a few minutes to an hour of ME time can feel like pure happiness.

Right now in the season we are currently in my self care consists of taking a bubble bath at least once a week, reading while putting the baby to sleep instead of being on my phone, and going to bed early. This season will change over time, one day the baby will sleep through the night, one day Brian will be able to help out again more (he dislocated his shoulder), one day the baby will take a bottle....

Ideas for self care:
  • sleeping in (even if it just means 30 extra minutes)
  • taking a rest day from working out
  • take a bath with salts and bubbles
  • read a good book for you
  • quality time with family unplugged from social media and electronics
  • go to bed early
  • go for a walk in nature
  • getting a workout in 
  • get fresh air
  • grab a cup of coffee with a friend. 
  • journal
  • turn the music up and have a dance party
  • apply a face mask
  • get a manicure/pedicure/massage
  • put on a fun nail color
  • meditate
  • practice yoga
  • light a scented candle
  • enjoy your morning coffee
  • call a friend to catch up
  • watch your favorite show
  • buy flowers for yoursel

What do you do for self care?

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  1. Your list is so good!! It's little things that can sometimes mean a lot!

    1. Its easier for me at least to look at the little things that mean more than huge things that I don't get time to do.

  2. Great list! My self-care is usually reading and I need to do another face mask soon!

    1. Sometimes just getting lost in a book is what you need.

  3. This is such a great list! It's amazing what just a little extra sleep can feel like when the kids are small.


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