Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. We have made it through another week. This week had been the best week since this whole coronavirus pandemic started. I had Ella most of the week, she did go to her dads two nights like her normal schedule. We also has a stay at home Spring Break. Hopefully next week goes well with real online school starting. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

In my virtual gym this week is Spirit Week. One day was animal print. I didn't realize I had so much animal print, I never wear it.

~ TWO ~

I about cried when I put Audrianna in her Snow White outfit we got for her to wear at Disney World when she was suppose to meet Snow White. She is just so damn adorable. 


I have a lot hate relationship with play doh but the Easter Bunny still brought the kids some new colors. They pulled them out today and had fun. Ella made a circle duck pool float with water that had waves. You could really tell what it looked like.

~ FOUR ~

Austin has been crazier than normal. He asks to go somewhere everyday, numerous times a day. We all can't wait until the stay at home order is lifted and we can visit family and friends again.
Audrianna is growing up and started standing on her own this week. She also was pulling herself up by holding onto your fingers.She may end up walking before she crawls. (my mom said I did, and walked at 9 months. Austin also walked at 9 months)

~ FIVE ~

Homemade Dole Whips just like at Disney World. They were really good. We had a virtual Disney World Magic Kingdom vacation at home. We had Dole Whips as we watched the 3pm parade. (I had a shake instead but still tried a sip)

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Thursday- Easter 2020

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  1. My oldest never crawled in any way shape or form but began pulling himself up and walking himself along the furniture very early. Your dole whips sound so good!!


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