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 It has been a weird month of not purchasing to much off Amazon. I swear every time I wanted to order something it wouldn't ship for over a month and I just forgot about it. Thank you corona virus for saving me money. This month (which I am not sharing today) has been another story. Thankfully it has been stuff we needed and are able to order instead of risking going out to the stores. Plus Walmart is sectioning off anything that isn't toiletries, health and beauty and food, so no clothes, toys, etc so I will be doing more shopping online of stuff that that kids are growing and the weather is changing.  I am sharing some of my favorite recent purchases and linking up with Tanya.

This Minnie Mouse soft baby book is Audrianna's favorite toy. We always give it to her in the car seat and will hear her crinklying the pages. We put it in the stroller next to her when we went to zoo. Somehow it was lost within 10 minutes from walking from the car into the zoo (with Brian walking behind me and didn't see it fall.) Thankfully I was able to order a new one on Amazon.

I also ordered Audrianna a bunch of these link toys. I now have them all linked to her stroller than a toy connected to her link toy in hopes of not losing anything else. So far so good and we have gone on a lot of walks. 

I ran out of my Mommy Knows Best brewers yeast. Amazon had been sold out for a few weeks. I noticed a difference in my milk supply and Audrianna's sleeping. I decided to try another brand. I have to admit this brewers yeast by Kate Naturals is gross. It is very potent. The taste is very over powering when I make my shakes the normal way. I switched up my shakes and instead of using powered PB2, I am using regular creamy peanut butter and it helps hid the taste better. It has helped to increase my milk supply again.

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