Friday Favorites

 How is it Friday already? This week has been a blur. I feel like I haven't gotten anything done I wanted to it has truly been a hot mess express. We have a fun holiday weekend planned with knocking a bunch of things off our Summer Bucket List. Then Tuesday it is the start of Ella's virtual learning. Lets take a look at some of my favorites from the past week. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I am in love with Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. If you have not tried it you need to. 

~ TWO ~

Audrianna's new obsession is vacuuming. She got so made yesterday when it died from her vacuuming so much that it needed charged.


Enjoying a family walk last weekend after all the rain to see the river rushing as Austin called it.

~ FOUR ~

Audrianna's first time coloring. She didn't press hard enough for the crayon to really show but was still so happy. Then she started eating the crayons and that was the end of that.

~ FIVE ~

We got a new TV that is actually a family heirloom buffet that is over 70 years old from Brian's family. Audrianna found out she can fit in the cabinet. The rule is no one is allowed to close her in it.

~ SIX ~

We had a baby deer in our back yard. Further back in the neighbors yard was the mom. They are so peaceful, but I am mad at them. They ate my hostas and hibiscus tree. 


Ella is so excited to be starting virtual learning on Tuesday. (we will see how long that lasts) We picked up her chrome book, some books, and a few treats.


Mommy treated herself to another Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and got the kids these cute fox cake pops. 

~ NINE ~

Austin must have had a rough day. He fell asleep right after dinner in his daddy's arms. 

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