Friday Favorites

 Hey friends. Happy Friday. We have a long weekend with no school for Ella. Little less stress today. On Monday she goes back hybrid. Praying everything goes smoothly. Today we are celebrating by going to a pumpkin farm for some fun. No big plans this weekend besides getting ready for her to go back to school and more house projects. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I found the cutest photo of Audrianna on my phone from Ella's birthday. I just love her smile that goes all the way to her eyes.

~ TWO ~

Last Friday night we had a wonderful birthday dinner for Aubriella and went just the 3 of us. You can read more about her birthday festivies here.


Audrianna is currently obsessed with brushing hair. She will scream at Ella until she sits down for her to brush her hair. Thankfully Ella normally agrees to it.

~ FOUR ~

Run Ella Run. Ella and I started a running program this week. We have only done one workout this week, our schedules just haven't mixed very well. 

We had a great first workout. It had resistance training and a 20 minute run. It was great bonding time with just Ella. She was really talky. You can read more about the program here

~ FIVE ~

Austin being a goober and saying he was flying while laying on a balloon. 

~ SIX ~

It is feeling like Halloween finally. The house is decorated and I brought out my Hocus Pocus mug.

In case you missed, here's a quick look at the blog this week:

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  1. We have a long weekend too and I am really looking forward to an extra day of family time. My little guys will be starting hybrid next week. Hope you have a good weekend!

    1. Hope you have a great weekend and good luck with starting hybird.


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