Halloween Recap

 We had such a fun Halloween week throwing in little bits of Halloween fun everyday. This year has ruined a lot of different things we had planned, from vacations to play dates, to fall festials and more. I wanted to bring some excitement and happy memories to 2020 for my kids, my family, and myself. Our fun started on Sunday and went to Halloween on Saturday.

We started our Sunday morning with delicious apple spice pancakes. They were a hit of everyone in the house. Austin ate 3 whole pancakes and we didn't have any leftovers, which never happens.

Monday for dinner we had spooky spaghetti. At first my kids thought I was weird for putting sprinkles eyes in their spaghetti but then enjoyed eating them.

Monday night we finally carved pumpkins. This year I suggested the kids pick something they could carve themselves and not something elaborate that takes hours to do.

Ella and Austin also painted their white pumpkins (Ella just painted the top of hers and you cant see it in the photo) and the wooden pumpkins I got from the Dollar Tree a few months ago and forgot about. 

Ella picked a mermaid tail to carve and added waves around it. Austin picked a spooky face that he helped carve, but Brian did end up doing most of it. 
I on the other had played with Audrianna and kept her off the table. 

Monday night I cleaned our pumpkin seeds and spread them out to dry. My intentions were to put Audrianna to bed then bake them in the air fryer. She had different plans for me (story of my life anymore) I got to them first thing on Tuesday morning. They were completely dry (obviously) and they turned out better than any other year. 

Taco Tuesday wouldn't be complete with Pumpkin face quesadilla's. 

Wednesday we had Jack o'latern Burgers.

Thursday night we had Mummy Pizza. (eyes were yellow peppers)

Brian finally cut and put up these pumpkin's on our outside lights. I have had the pumpkins for 4 years for him to do this. I love the way they turned out.

Ella then took the leftover plastic and made herself her own mask and cut out the eyes. 

Austin tried on his Halloween costume. He wanted to be a train conductor. My mom found him the hat and had the bandanna. I bought him the overalls from a girlfriend. 

Friday Austin had his Halloween party at preschool. I don't know what happened, Brian was getting him ready but somehow he turned into a firemen and not a train conductor. 

Getting ready to go trick or treating on Saturday even. Audrianna dressed up as a lady bug. (skirt and headband ears from Dollar Tree)

It was pretty chilly out so we bundled her up put on a hat and her headband. I was surprised she kept her hat on.

All ready to go trick or treating. Somehow Austin ended up a fireman again. They both had fun and got lots of candy. (Only Austin actually got candy)

Now I am ready for Christmas. NO we haven't decorated yet. We are still hosting Friendsgiving this weekend and seeing family for Thanksgiving.

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