Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. Can you believe that Christmas is in only one week? I finally went shopping yesterday and did all my shopping that I couldn't do online. Particially because I had no idea what to get Brian, I am made at Amazon and the postal service for losing an order and taking forever, and my mom's present got messed up so I had to come up with a new plan. Today is Ella's last day of school then we have break for 2 weeks. The school is suppose to make an announcement on December 30 if kids will be going back hybrid (hopefully) or virtual. This weekend we have some presents to deliver a little early, a movie night, and driving around looking at Christmas lights, aka otherwise known as no big plans. Oh also wrapping all the gifts. 


Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Audrianna is just the cutest. She reminds me of Santa Claus staring at the Christmas tree sticking out her belly. 

~ TWO ~

If you look closely you can see a rainbow. One of my best friends said she saw one, then my sister send us a picture that she saw one, then a little bit later we saw this one. It was crazy that is moved with the rain.


Finally did the sample workout for the program I am starting at the beginning of next year. I am so excited to do the whole program. It is from Autumn Calabrese who is also my favorite Beachbody trainer.
It was a quick workout. Did moves I have never done before. I got sweaty. I had fun. I lost track of time!!!! There is new equipment needed in the full program.
We all need something exciting to look forward to. Why not make it a positive change in yourself.?
Want to join me?

~ FOUR ~

It is spirit week for Ella. Monday was wear read and green. Tuesday pictured here was crazy hair day.

~ FIVE ~

~ SIX ~

More spirit week. Wednesday was Winter Wonderland get cozy, cozy socks. Ella wore her Elsa pj's and I sprayed her hair blue and put a snowflake in it. Ella was the only one who did something besides cozy socks. She ended up being embarrassed and having a rough day but I still thought she was cute.


I made this healthy homemade turkey pot pie for dinner last night. Everyone ate it, Ella said she wanted seconds, but then her step mom showed up to get her. 

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  1. I can totally see the rainbow in your picture. And the pot pie sounds so good! I love a comfort meal. :) Have a great weekend

  2. Poor Ella. My daughter does the same thing. We go 'all out' for spirit days then the other kids 'poop out' and she gets so embarrassed! I was always that kid, too, and I try to teach her to embrace it and have fun but it's hard for little introverts. I love a pot pie so I'll have to try this healthy one!


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