Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It is finally Friday. Its the weekend YEAH!!!!!! Now I say this as I have one sicky at home and the weather is suppose to be crappy all weekend. Plans have gotten changed and we are probably having a very low key weekend at home. We don't even have plans with our families for Mother's Day. Mom Life never ends and we will make the best of it. 

Time for some Friday Favorites from the past week with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Ella and Audrianna have matching robes, even though Ella's is way to small she still sometimes insists on wearing it to match.

~ TWO ~

Ella stole my phone the other night while I was putting Audrianna to bed. She comes and says "mom I need your phone the sunset is beautiful" then takes the phone out of my hand. She brings it back with some beautiful shots. 


This past weekend was gorgeous. On Sunday it was in the 80s. We spent the whole day outside, even with family yard work. 

~ FOUR ~

I received Sardines to do a review for from Wild Planet. I have to admit I never had sardines before and expected them to be salty and gross. Ella wanted to try them. She likes them and ate the whole little container. 

~ FIVE ~

It has been a while since I got a picture of Brian and I. We took one while we were walking at the park with the kids. 

~ SIX ~

Let me introduce you to my 9 year old who thinks she is a teenager. This is how she dressed to just go to Hobby Lobby. I love her individual sense of style. I'm afraid what her teenage years will looks like. 

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