Friday Favorites- Kids Birthdays

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It has been a busy week with a busy weekend ahead. We had two birthdays, my dad in the hospital (something with his neck messing up his arms), and lots of "taxi mom". Here's some of my favorites from the week. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Audrianna turned 2. We had a small little party at the house with my parents, sister and niece. Ella was also home from her dads. 

~ TWO ~

We signed Ella up for one week of youth run camp. She was interested in doing it and the timing worked out. It is all week for 90 minutes a day. She has loved it and wishes it was longer than a week. She didn't even complain when had to run in the rain. 


Mommy's little workout buddy. I worked out 2 days this week (today will be 3) and he joined me both days. 

~ FOUR ~

The day my dad ended up with the hospital with having problems moving his arms and his chest was hurting we saw a rainbow. They determined for the most part his heart is fine that problem is in his neck. He sees a specialist next week and more likely has to have surgery. 

~ FIVE ~

Lunch in the car followed by playing at the park. When we got to the park it was started sprinkling so we ate in the car. 

Audrianna loved being free in the car. When we were done eating it stopped raining. We played for a little bit.

~ SIX ~

Austin smile for your birthday picture. This is what I get.

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  1. Happy Friday! I'm stopping by from Friday Favorites. :) Happy Birthday Week to your kiddos! What a beautiful rainbow you saw while taking your dad to the hospital. I'm glad his heart fine. I'm sure that part was a relief. I hope his visit to the specialist next week brings help and relief. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  2. Hope your father is OK; so glad his heart is fine. Looks like the birthday girl was full of smiles.

  3. I love that your daughter joined the run club, such a great activity. I'm hoping we can find a fun run for our family this summer.
    Lovely sign from the rainbow!


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