Summer Recap Week 6 and 7

 It has been a crazy birthday weeks. Things are starting to settle down this week. It is a much needed break. This summer is flying by though. I missed posting my recap last week (life happens) so this week you get week 6 and 7. I have been lacking on recapping our days with pictures so this post won't be horribly long. 

Thursday July 15

Austin's birthday. I hate to say this was the only picture I took all day. We had a fun day of playing outside in the pool and sprinkler. We also walked to the school to play on the playground. Austin picked pizza for dinner for his birthday, then we went out and got ice cream. It was a low key but fun birthday. 

Friday July 16

Friday morning I had to pick up Ella. A few weeks ago when we dropped off Ella we went to my parents a different way and realized my cousins new Bakery was close by. Brian decided they would all go with to pick up Ella and get donuts from Expresso Bakery. 

We each got two donuts, one extra one to split and a muffin. As you can see they are big. 

They all were so delicious and so filling. We ended up only having one donut each on Friday and saving the second one until Saturday. They were still fresh too. 

Audrianna had her 2 year check up. Our only concern, which is a big one is her weight. She only weigh's 21 pounds and is in the 2% for her age. We are getting blood test done to check her thyroid and a few other things. The doctor also wants us to push more full fat dairy, and proteins. The other big thing is the doctor doesn't encourage I stop breastfeeding at this time as she doesn't drink much milk as it is we don't want her losing any more weight. 

That afternoon we dropped the kids off at my parents so we could clean the house and get ready for their birthday party. We went grocery shopping kidless and went out to a quick dinner. Came home and cleaned the whole house. All we had left to do was prep food and decorate the next day. 

Saturday July 17

Brian had a little at home work to do in the morning. He made the mistake of leaving his computer open and a little girl started pressing buttons. 

To distract her I pulled out her new coloring book she got for her birthday and crayons. 

Austin kept pointing out the "pond" in his mud pit of the backyard from all the rain. 

We ended up postponing the kids birthday party until Sunday due to the rain. Austin wasn't very happy. To cheer him up he got to have a sleep over at Grandma's. Ella had already planned a sleepover with my niece. 

The fridge was full of food for the party and not much else. We ordered chipotle for dinner. Audrianna enjoyed eating the guacamole. We will fatten her up little by little. 

I will miss when Austin and Audrianna don't hold hands while we are driving. They also sit and yell "cheese" and want their picture taken. 

We got a lot of rain the past few days. We drove through the metro parks. There is a paved walking path under all that water. Parts of the road were closed due to high water. 

Sunday July 18

Sunday morning ordered breakfast from a local spot, again had no food in the fridge. Audrianna decided to eat my breakfast instead of her own.

Brian and Audrianna cutting the grass getting ready for the birthday party. It was still swampy back there, but they got it done. It dried mostly before the party. 

Birthday party for Austin and Audrianna. You can read all about the party HERE

Monday July 19

Austin must have had a busy day for his birthday party. He slept in on Monday. When I went to check on him he was also looked like he was an AT AT. 

Audrianna has been getting lots of hours playing with her doctors kit she got for her birthday.

Back to the normal shake on the way to Summer Camp drop off. 

Our weekly grocery pick up at Aldi's. 

I have the cutest workout partner/cheerleader. 

Workout done.

Austin had his last tball game of the year. Just when he was really started to like it and playing attention. 

The first time Audrianna was in a forward facing car seat, and Austin was in a booster seat. We needed to drop my van off at the shop to get the air conditioning fixed. Our van is the only vehicle we have that comfortably fits all three kids in the backseat. Ella was happy the drive was less than 10 minutes she was a little squished. 

Audrianna on the other hand was the happiest as can be. 

Tuesday July 20

Tuesday I got the pleasure of watching this little cutie. Her sister had to have foot surgery. Going into this day I knew it was going to be rough. She is a screamer and only likes her mother (like Audrianna). The rules in her house are completely different than the rules in my house. The only other time I had watched her she was 6 weeks old. But we were going to bend my rules to make the day as smooth as possible. 

Part of our morning routine is Audrianna going outside to wave and blow kisses bye to Brian. 

Most of the day Brianna was like this. Glued to her tablet. 

Audrianna (Brian, and myself) even tried to play with her and she only wanted her tablet. 

Brianna did scream when we tried to take the tablet away to sit at the table to eat. I had to explain to my kids that even though Brianna had a tablet all day, they were not getting electronics all day and especially at the table. The other time she screamed (and woke up Audrianna) was when her tablet died the last hour she was with us. The day could have been a lot worse. 

Audrianna was happy to have things back to normal, and tried riding her blow up unicorn float that goes to a baby doll.

That evening after being stuck in the house all day (Brianna is a runner and I avoided having to chase her) we walked to a park. 

The playground is at the school that Ella use to go to and that Austin is going to this year. 

Wednesday July 21

Audrianna always wakes up in such a happy mood. She is loving her big wheel that she got for her birthday. It is a house bike for now. She still needs to learn how to petal. 

The morning was a little chilly but that kids and I watched to the school to play on the playground. 

Austin is excited to start school, Ella not so much.

It is a little over a 1/2 a mile to walk to school. Getting Austin's little legs trained for the walk every day. I am excited for the added 2 miles I get to walk everyday. 

Audrianna enjoying her ride in the stroller. 

Got another workout in when we got home from the park. 

Thursday July  22

Another morning, another indoor bike ride. 

We ventured out of the house and to the library for the first time in forever. Austin and Ella got a few books each. Audrianna just enjoyed looking at books then putting them back. She however was very loud and kept screaming for her brother or sister if they were not in her sight, even though I was with her. 

We came home had lunch, baby went down for a nap and I pressed play on my workout. 

What's this a rare day of me getting dressed, hair done, and make-up. We took Ella out for her reward dinner for her good grades last year. Austin and Audrianna stayed home with Grandma (and she did good)

The restaurant that Ella picked was an hour drive with traffic. She choose Pickle Bills.

As an appetizer we got calamari. Last time Ella liked it but she didn't know what it was. This time she wanted nothing to do with it. She took one bite and said ewww. 

I think part of it was also she saw the legs of the octopus without breading. 

All the crab legs. Everything was so good. 

The restaurant is right on the river. We ate outside. Weather was gorgeous. 

We asked another family to take our picture while they were waiting. 

Before we left we walked around the whole restaurant, part of which is not open but they are using as a waiting area. Ella found fun swings at the bar. 

Friday July 23

This is how Audrianna wakes up Ella. By attacking her. Sometimes she is nice and gives her kisses, sometimes she pulls her hair, and a few times she has hit her in the face with a remote.

After the kids ate breakfast and got dressed we headed to Marshalls and Target to get all their back to school supplies. We did very good with finding most things on their lists. A few things I did order off Amazon. Since we are going on vacation right before back to school, we wanted all the school stuff done in July so we didn't have to worry about it at the last minute. 

After school shopping we stopped and got Wendy's and checked out a new to us park. The kids were more distracted and wanted to play with eating. We spent a good hour there before we headed home for nap time. 

Austin riding his T-Rex

I bought Audrianna her own 8 pack of jumbo crayons to color with. No more throwing our crayon bucket all over the house. 

After dinner we were getting ready to go for a family walk. Austin saw a fire truck. We decided to follow it. Two streets over a telephone pole was on fire. That was his excitement for the night. 

Saturday July 24

Coffee in my new mug that I made for the first time as an XL coffee with our coffee pot. Brian had a breakfast meeting so it was just me and the kids. I decided to try making an XL coffee for the first time with our coffee pot. Normally I would just make extra coffee and either drink it, or most recently it would go to waste. This worked out as the perfect size.

It rained on and off all morning. We hit up the farmers market between rain drops. The one we always go to moved locations. Instead of being inside our local outdoor shopping mall, it is at a main corner. There are not sidewalks the entire way from the parking lot to the market. It is buy a very busy intersection. There use to be places to sit and relax, enjoy the music, and have breakfast, this is also no longer an option. I am very disappointed in the change. It isn't family friendly anymore. 

The rest of the day we didn't do to much. Brian had work to do, Audrianna needed a nap, and Austin played and watched tv. For dinner we were invited to my parents house for lasagna. We had a great time and even booked a family vacation for the 9 of us next summer. 

Sunday July 25

Sunday I spent getting ready for the week ahead. I cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and deep freezer. I then wrote down all our meats, and frozen produce. I also made our menu for the week and prepped to do instacart the next day. 

That evening Brian's brother and sister in law came over for dinner. They were out of town for the kids birthday party and wanted to give them their gifts. Audrianna got a sit and spin and loves it. 

Monday July 26

Audrianna thinks she is ready for school. Except she is wearing Austin's bookbag. 

Its a gorgeous week, The pools are up for lots of outside fun. They went in even with the water cold and came out with blue lips. 

Merry Christmas in July

Tuesday 27

Breakfast at her own table. 

She is living her best life. Spent most of our day outside with the kids in the pools again. 

How has your summer been going?

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