Back to School Lunch Ideas

Lets chat about school lunches. School lunches stress me out. Are my kids going to eat what I pack them? Is Austin going to be able to open anything? Will he ask for help? Will they have enough time to eat? And if you are like me I can't see spending over $3 for school lunch that my child probably only eats one thing off their tray.

Now some of these I will find out over time. I have found with Ella over the years the best way to make sure she eats is by giving her options, letting her help out, having ideas ready when you get the "I don't know". I have made a chart that they can look it. It is personalized to what my kids will eat, but you could always make something specific to your child. From the chart they get 1 of each protein, fruit, veggie, and snack. I know the veggie will be a struggle to get them to eat but I still put it in there. 

Both my kids have different lunch compartment containers and thermos for hot food. Ella has this one and this one. Austin has this one and this one. Ella has this one and this one

Lunch Ideas

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