Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Happy Friday. This week seemed to be so long. It probably is because last week was so short. The kids also had a freeze day yesterday that threw me off. I had a productive week, still working on getting into a new schedule, working on getting Anna to sleep, and the Clean the Clutter Challenge. It's hard to believe that is it already the last Friday of January. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin was so excited when he got his first lose tooth. I could have sworn he was going to wiggle that tooth lose that first day. It took a few days but he finally lost it when he bite the back of the couch. (I don't know he is a boy) He realized he lost it than said "Mom I ate my tooth" He was afraid the tooth fairy wouldn't bring him money so we wrote a note. 

Simple and to the point. Austin put the note under his pillow and when he woke up the tooth fairy had came. "Mom I have 5 bucks" with so much excitement you would think he had gotten $100. 

~ TWO ~

We had a slow Sunday at home with snow and a fire. I only got to enjoy it a few minutes. Every time I sat down Audrianna wanted to nurse and we are trying to wean her. 


Finishing up the last week of my 4 week program. Loving quick 20 minute workouts. 

~ FOUR ~

Audrianna spent the day with my parents. She got spoiled and I got a lot of house cleaning done. I scrubbed carpets, couches, went through toys, organized some. The fun stuff. 

~ FIVE ~

Ella took this picture of the sunrise on the way home at 710am. For the past few weeks it has been dark when I pick her up from her dads in the morning. The days are getting longer. 

~ SIX ~

It is freezing in Ohio with wind chill in the negatives. I pulled out my a
thermal shirt instead of my normal tank top. It is so cozy and helped keep me warm outside. 


I switched up my water cups this week. I am loving this 32 oz cup. It is keeping my water cold as I drink it and it has upped my water intake. The power of a new cup. Now I have to figure out a decal to put on this one. 


When Anna started 2 year old preschool this year I subscripted to the Panera coffee club. When she is at school 2 days a week I got to Panera and get some work done on my laptop most days. This week I didn't get to go sit there but I still stopped in for my free coffee. 

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  1. We had a friend whose son swallowed his first 4 teeth! We're hanging out in front of our fireplace today with a blizzard raging outside.


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