Another Long Weekend with Ohio State Basketball

Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How was your weekend? We had another long weekend. On Friday the kids had a snow day well really an ice day, we only got a few inches of snow. Austin was also home on Thursday, he wasn't feeling well and was real coughy. I thought it was best to keep him home and he spent all day relaxing. He only asked for the tablet once, I told him No and he didn't throw a fit or ask again. That's when you know he really doesn't feel good. We actually all have been passing around this cold. 

Even not feeling the greatest we had a great weekend with basketball, a mini road trip, and cake. 

Here's a little recap of our weekend:


Snow day means sleeping in and being halfway lazy. Brian still had to venture out to go to work. I also had to pick up Ella. Since I knew about the snow day which was really an ice day the night before I planned with Ella's dad to pick her up later. That meant she could sleep in and that I didn't have to rush out at 630am to go get her not knowing how the roads were going to be. It worked out in her favor. When I picked her up we also grabbed McDonald's and picked up our Instacart Aldi grocery order. 

After putting away groceries Ella has been asking to make a chocolate cake from scratch that she found in her kids cookbook. I bought all the ingredients she needed and let her make it mostly by herself. I helped her on the stove and putting it in and out of the oven. 

It looks good, but didn't taste good. It tasted way to salty. Even the batter tasted salty but we still baked it hoping it would change once it cooked. No idea what she did wrong. She said she used the correct amount of baking soda and salt. We will just try again another day. 

My little office partner. She stole the tablet from one of the other kids and was watching Mickey Mouse. After this we went and cuddled and she took a nap.

Is Austin suppose to be sitting on the arm of the chair? No but he is watching Ella play Minecraft on her Nintendo Switch and they are getting along. 

For dinner we tried a new restaurant that opened near us. Clean Eatz. They have sit down, pre-prepped means, counter service, and weekly meal plans. The food was fresh and delicious. I got Salmon with quinoa/kale, broccoli, carrots, edamame and a sweet chili sauce. 

Brian got a turkey burger with sweet potato fries. We got Ella chicken and broccoli teriyaki and Austin and Anna split chicken nuggets. It was cheaper than us going to McDonalds. 


Saturday I got hit with the kids cold hard. I didn't go to either kids basketball games. I curled up on the couch or in bed and cuddled most of the day. I at least went through one box of tissues and turned into Rudolph. 

Brian made dinner with a homemade pasta meat sauce. It was really good. 

I chipped all the color street polish off my nails and decided to just paint them. Anna went looking for me and found me in the bathroom painting my nails. She dragged the stool over and put her hand on the counter for me to paint hers too. I think this is only the second time she has ever had her nails painted and the first time was probably like a year ago. It was the cutest thing. She also keeps showing everyone her nails and saying purple. 

I have gotten sucked into watching Love in Blind season 2. I have 2 episodes left. Are you watching it too?


I woke up feeling a lot better, and it was good because we had a fun day planned with just Ella. My parents were watching Austin and Audrianna all day. 

We hit the road and took the scenic route, which was the quickest route. We were surprised to see Amish on a Sunday. Ella said she wanted to be Amish so she could have a horse. 

No road trip is complete without a coffee, Today's choice was a sweet cream cold brew form Dunkin, here it had melted a mixed a lot. 

Our first stop on our little road trip was Ikea. They were busy. We got some ideas for redoing the office in the house. I had seen a desk online possibly for Austin's room, after seeing it in person I didn't like the size of it. 

We grabbed a quick lunch at Sonic. 

Our main event was seeing the Ohio State Girls Basketball game. Ella liked the O when you walked into the building. 

There were plenty of photo stops, where she willingly stopped and smiled. As Ella will say at her future college. 

We had decent seats. You were able to see the ball and the whole court. My only complaint was we were on the wrong side for the view of the floor. There was cheerleaders and the dance squad so that faced both directions so we didn't feel left out. 

Ella was excited to get her picture with Brutus. 

It was a good game. Ella asked a lot of questions and Ohio State won.

We ended our night having dinner at Condado for tacos. It was nice to be able to take Ella out to a place that doesn't have chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. 

Austin and Anna were good for my parents as they were there for about 10 hours. My dad made the comment Austin doesn't stop eating, he is a growing boy. 


The kids had off school for Presidents day. We had a slow start to our morning. Then I played catch up on laundry. 

We ran to Target for a few things. Who wants a dinner plate of chocolate steak, broccoli and strawberry. It was on Clearance from Valentine's Day. 

Then it was home to finish catching up, cleaning and prepping produce, making veggie stock, and preparing for the week ahead. Which will probably be another long weekend as they are forecasting another snow and ice storm on Thursday night again. 

I finished week 1 on my workout program on Monday. Being only 5 days of workouts and kids being sick, then I was sick got off track. Started the week off strong and I had some helpers. 

How was your weekend?

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