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 Hey loves. Happy Friday. Who knows what is going on with the weather anymore? Forecasted earlier this week was 3 to 5 inches of snow plus ice for last night into today. As of Wednesday it went up to a few more inches, one local school sent out a text preparing to go virtual on Friday if need be. As of writing this right now on Thursday evening, the snow keeps getting pushed back of when it is going to hit and the amount of snow lowered, now it is it only 1 to 3 inches. So in reality who knows until I wake up in the morning and have to go get Ella from her dads. Fingers crossed we get nothing. I am ready for spring. Are you?

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We had a daughter date day and took Ella to see the Ohio State Girls Basketball game. It was much needed one on one time and Ella had fun and learned a lot from watching the game. 

~ TWO ~

One of Ella's favorite parts was getting her picture taken with Brutus the schools mascot. 


Monday was in the 50s. Before dinner we went for a family walk. Anna in the stroller, Ella and Austin were on their scooters. Our block is about a mile walk. 

~ FOUR ~

Ella has been getting creative in the kitchen again. There is dirt (crushed oreos), green vanilla pudding and made a paper rainbow. 

~ FIVE ~

Random picture. Brian was leaning against the wall (who knows why) Then Anna goes and leans against the other wall and acts like she is on her phone too. 

~ SIX ~

Anyone else get sucked into watching Love is Blind season 2? If you need me today I will be watching the finale 

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  1. Our school called off school yesterday afternoon (for today) and while I don't think we got a ton of snow accumulation why it was probably a good call as it seems to keep switching back from snow to ice.


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