Weekend Wrap- Super Bowl Weekend

 Hey loves. I have been cuddling with a sick little toddler the last few days. She has been running a fever, whiny, and has a runny nose. Oh the germs from starting school. Lets get it all out of her system this year and next year she will be stronger. 

How was your Super Bowl Weekend? Did you watch the game? Where you rooting for a team, catching commercials, or  only there half time? I caught a few commercials that I wasn't to impressed with and watched the halftime show, you can read my thoughts below. 

Here's a little recap of our weekend:


The morning started off with beautiful cotton candy skies. Who doesn't love to start the day with a beautiful sunrise?

Brian had a work appointment before my parents came over. I got a foam roller stretching workout done. I had an assistant who also stole my foam roller. She is lucky she is so cute. 

My parents came over to watch Audrianna. Brian and I went to the Cleveland Home and Garden show. Brian wanted to set up some quotes/appointments for us to get new windows, and I like getting ideas of things to change around the house. We ended up scheduling four appointments, and I didn't get any good ideas. This years show was smaller than previous years so it didn't take us as long to walk around. With time to spare we stopped for an early Valentine's Day lunch. 

This kids got home from school spent some time with Memaw and Papaw. Ella went to her dads then I went and got out grocery pick up. Then headed to Target to get last minute Valentine's baskets. You would have thought it was Christmas time with how long the line was at Target. Note don't go to Target on a Friday at 6pm the weekend before Valentine's Day. They didn't have much in Valentine's either so I stopped by Dollar Tree and grabbed a few things. I also grabbed Austin and Anna McDonalds, Brian and I were still full from our late lunch.


Austin had his first game. They did a little practice and he made his first basket ever. Look at the jump. 

Look at that air. His team didn't win, but he still had fun and is still learning the game. What started off as him crying at practice has turned into him being excited to go to basketball. 

Audrianna had her Valentine's Day party at school last Thursday. She got a little thing of bubbles. She insisted on me blowing bubbles in the house. She wanted to try and blew her first bubble ever. She was so excited. 

This girl and her dolls/stuffed animals. Her and her nine friends laying on pillows covered with blankets. 

Ella had another basketball game. She didn't have a good game. The day before she fell outside at recess and hurt her hip. It was bothering her to run but she still pushed to play. She did her best. 

Austin packed his bags for a sleepover. Last weekend Ella had a sleepover and took two bags so Austin had to take two bags too. One bag has his clothes and pillow, the other bag has toys (that he never played with) a blanket and a dinosaur. 

Off to Memaw's he goes. He enjoyed being the only kid and got lots of attention, cuddles, and hand holding from his Memaw. 

Brian was feeling blah so we had Trader Joes Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup and garlic butter grilled cheese for dinner. Also I forgot to pull the meat for the chili the night before so it was still frozen. 


We woke up to two inches of snow, when there was no snow in the forecast. Welcome to having Lake Effect snow that can pop up out of no where. (We leave very close to Lake Erie) 

While Brian shovel the little snow I made breakfast. Heart waffles and sausage since I knew Monday morning was going to be rushed. 

Brian headed off to work and I got a 20 minute ride on the bike. 

Then I headed off to pick up Austin from my parents house. More snow. (I was stopped here taking a picture) There was no snow in the forecast but hit white out conditions on our drive. On the highway which is normally 65 mph we were going about 40. Even when I got to my parents house I shovel 2 inches of snow, and before I got there my dad had shoveled about 3 inches. 

Austin must have had a rough sleepover. He fell asleep on the way home. 

It was Audrianna's nap time and she also feel asleep on the way home. 

I took a quick picture of our dining room table to sell on facebook. 

We got a new to us table. It was temporarily in the middle of the kitchen, but the kids insisted on eating there. 

Dinner was chili that Brian made and corn bread. The chili was a spicier than I would have preferred but still ate it. 

Every Sunday I clean all the humidifiers and diffusers. While I am doing that Austin came into my bathroom and said "mommy look I'm pregnant". Oh my I am going to have my hands full with him. 

Here is our new table. I love the white and how much brighter it makes the room feel. Also It is a few inches smaller so there is more space to move around the table. 

Super Bowl Sunday. I didn't care about the actual game. I saw a few commercials that I wasn't to impressed by. Now the half time show. Damn did it bring back my youth. I loved it. Now only if Austin wasn't sleeping and I could have really turned it up. 

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