Our Week with Spring Break and Snow

Hey loves. Our Spring Break has officially come to an end. Kids have been back in school all week. Back to reality. new schedules, add in sports, and lots of fun.. We had a true Ohio weather for Spring Break from 60s to snow then 70s. Hopefully it was our last snow of the year. (fingers crossed)

Friday April 15

The kids first day of Spring break started on Friday with Good Friday. It also was the first day I started watching two little girls a few days a week.

The sunrise was gorgeous. It went from bright orange to purples and pinks. The photos do it no justice. 

 My sister invited me and my kids to the zoo, before I knew I was having two additional kids with me. She still agreed to let us tag along. (she kind of didn't have a choice)

While all five kids played in the other room I made sandwiches for all the kids, myself a salad and veggies, filled waters and packed snacks. (We came home with most of the food, they ate their sandwiches, all the goldfish, most of the grapes and some cookies)

We are loaded and ready to hit the road. My sister, my best friend, my niece, and Ella were all in the other car. I drank my shake on the way. We ended up leaving later than anticipated and the kids were starving by the time we got to the zoo, which was 1130am. 

Being a holiday, Spring Break, and decent weather the zoo was crowded. The zoo was still "winterized" with no picnic tables out. The main pavilion they had closed off for pictures with the Easter bunny. We ended up finding a couple of benches to at on. Thankfully we packed lunch because the only place that was open to eat was McDonalds and the line was crazy long, and their prices are higher than other locations. 

I am also very thankful for having the extra hands to help. Especially in the wolf house where there are stairs to go down to look at the fish. Ella and Claudia each took a little girl, my sister took Anna, Austin was with my best friend, and I took the stroller and wagon. Team work makes the dream work as Austin always says. 

Speaking of the wagon. I brought the wagon just to carry the coolers and bags. I am glad we had it because the kids ended up using it. Sally (pictured above) was wearing new shoes that ended up giving her a blister and in turn 4 year old fashion she insisted on wearing those shoes when she got dropped off at my house. 

Throughout the zoo were different characters. This was something special they were doing for the day partnered with Kinder Eggs (which probably added to the amount of people there). We got pictures with the girl from Enchanto and Batman and Super Girl. We saw Tiana and Spiderman. Supposedly there was also Elsa and Rapunzel. We also didn't get any Kinder Eggs because they ran out. 

I got a good workout in pulling the wagon (and felt it the next day). The kids wanted to ride going up the biggest hill. My sister was the lucky one pushing the empty stroller. 

It isn't a trip to the zoo without Ella getting a picture with her Elephants pronounced Ella- phant.

I made all the kids to get a picture with me. We had a good time and everyone wants to go back again. 

We got home and Ella and Claudia played outside for a little bit. Ella ended up flipping over her scooter and hitting her head without a helmet on. She got a little bump and we kept an eye on her. They now have the rule they have to wear their helmets on their scooters at all times, not just when we go on walks. 

After the girls got picked up I started boiling eggs to color them with my kids. When putting them in the water one was broken in the carton. I go to pick it up to throw it away, the egg is frozen. Did you know eggs can freeze? I guess I never really thought about it. 

For dinner we had Chipotle which was on plan. I started this gut protocol nutrition program to help heal my gut and determine what possible food sensitivities I have. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to stick to the program and we wouldn't be able to have our weekly eating out. Most places I can find something I can eat that isn't a salad. 

Saturday April 16

Our morning started off with breakfast and grocery pick up. I came home cleaned our produce and set it out to dry. 

Then it was time to dye Easter Eggs. They each got 6 eggs to color on, and dye whatever color(s) they wanted. 

We adventured out to Kohls for everyone to buy one shirt or pj's with money from Christmas returns. Then needed to go to Lowe's to get ceiling fans, and packing sand. I saw these cute law figurines that we need. 

And these bird baths too. 

Once we got home it was later than I expected and we had a bunch of cooking and prepping to do for Easter and the following week. Up first was making the carrot cake. Austin became my little helper with most of the cake. 

Since baking and cooking and prepping had taken over the kitchen we ordered pizza for dinner. I found a local place, Mellow Mushroom, that has gluten free dairy free pizza. it was really good. Brian liked it better than their normal pepperoni pizza. 

Ella asked to make rice crispy treats all by herself. She added fruity peebles and extra marshmallows. 

The kids got to make resurrection rolls for the first time. They really liked them.

We had brunch planned at my in laws for Easter and what she had planned was not in my current nutrition plan. Instead of throwing a fit (I know someone who would do that) I made gluten free dairy free strawberry banana French toast. Anna became my helper with whisking the eggs and almond milk.

The rest of the evening we were cleaning and preparing for the Easter Bunny to come

Sunday April 17 Easter

I did a whole recap of last Tuesday. You can read it here

Monday April 18

Ella had a sleepover with her cousin Claudia on Easter to Monday since Claudia had off Monday but wasn't on Spring Break the whole week. (She had Spring Break the week before Easter) 

We got snow. It was huge beautiful flakes, but put a damper on us going back to the zoo to finish what we didn't get to see on Friday. 

These were so good. nitrate free chicken with vegan cream cheese and asparagus air fried. 

We ended up getting enough snow to cover the group. It kept melting and sticking. Supposedly if it all would have stuck it would have been 8 inches. 
Overall it was a lazy day with the kids playing, doing laundry and housework. 

Tuesday April 19

Some little girl woke up early, insisted on wearing her Elsa dress so she could be beautiful and spin in it. I was folding laundry and she decided to play in the hall wall. 

Ella has been loving lazy morning, her blow up chair, and playing on her Nintendo switch.

Anna also stole some trains and train tracks from Austin and played with them in the hall way too. 

Austin asked if he could play in his room by himself in his room. Anna likes to go in there and be Godzilla and knock, throw, and kick everything over that he is playing with. Anna has also can open his door (she can't open all door knobs yet) so he has to lock himself in his room. 

Anna found a new hiding spot in the basement. Underneath the stairs. Brian had moved some stuff that had been blocking the kids from going under there. 

No excuses got my workout done with my personal cheerleaders and space stealers. 

That night Ella had a two hour Girl Scout meeting at the library. I took my laptop and enjoyed some peace and quiet. 

Wednesday April 20

It was an off day after a rough night. But I got my workout in first thing and out of the way. I knew if I didn't do it first it would never get done with a busy house. 

Breakfast was carrot cake baked oatmeal with eggs. It was so good. Serving was suppose to be 4, but turned it into 8. 

Another fun day babysitting. I got attacked by three girls throwing squishy light up bunny's at me. 

Anna looking beautiful in her dress being like mommy. Hands full, pushing a cart and pulling an airplane behind. Let's not forget she is also a fire fighter. 

These are tears after she hit her head. She climbed up on the cabinet (which is secured to the wall) Picture taken by Ella. 

We played hide and seek with 6 kids running around. We need to work on the girls hiding places. Anna didn't stay hiding, Sophia is squatted behind a baby doll crib and Sally is under the table. The older kids were so good with acting like they couldn't see the younger girls. 

Ella had a friend come over for a few hours for a playdate also. They were good, played with the younger kids, and had a treat of mango strawberry smoothies. 

Anna couldn't hang. She needed a nap and passed out on the ottoman while eating goldfish and watching tv. She slept hard and drooled a lot. 

By the time Ella's friend went home, the girls left, and Ella went to her dad's I was exhausted ready for bed. 

Thursday April 21

This girl and her own sense of style. I love it. zebra pants, Minnie skirt, Zebra bathing suit with a skirt attached, and an Elsa shirt. She only wants to wear Elsa, even though we only have one shirt, one winter dress, and pj's. She also loves wearing dressed and skirts right now. 

Brian took a half day and took the older kids to the rec center to go swimming. 

It started off slow and go busy by the time they left which was perfect. They were there about an hour, Austin lasted 28 minutes in the water. 

Brian finally got to cutting down the trunk of one of the trees. The kids helped by holding the rode and then pulling it as Brian pushed it down after it was mostly cut across. 

Tree trunks turn into play toys.

Anna had fun throwing around the saw dust from the tree. I did not have fun getting it out of her hair. 

Anna got Ella to chalk with her. 

The deer loved eating the buds on the tree branches that were all over the year. 

Brian quietly ran around back and put corn in the deer feeder. They enjoyed that too.

Friday April 22

Somebody (not me) left their coffee sitting on the counter. Some little girl grabbed a straw and drank some of it. She likes black coffee. 

The night before we cut down this tree. It was not black originally. This was the next morning. Any ideas?
Also as of today (which is a week later, the grass and the driveway where the tree fell is black colored.)

Rainy cold days call for indoor forts. I was called the best mom over for this. 

The kids and I did our weekly grocery pick up with Instacart again. All the greens as Ella told me. 

This is how my workout went. taking over my space and worrying Anna was going to fall and hit her head on a weight or the concrete floor. 

But I got it done and no one was injured. 

Lunch time. Another fun lunch for the kids while watching a movie. 

Chicken nuggets, chicken fries, carrots, cheese, celery, cheese curls, cantaloupe, strawberries, fries, cotton candy, quesadilla and ranch. 

I would say they did good. The hard part is know who ate what though.

Before Ella left for her dads we did a quick earth day fun and planted their sunflower seeds they got for Easter. Eventually they will get replanted outside. 

Friday is take out night. We had Bibibop. It was so good but so much food. These equaled 3 meals for me. 

Saturday April 23

We had a rough night with a little girl not wanting to sleep. 

Our day started with hitting up the first flea market of the year for us. We got some salsa, pickles, and honey we needed for home. 

And the kids each got a cake pop from a local vender. 

"Mommy needs this car" Austin said as we are walking up to it. 

I have never seen a McLaren in person before. It is very sharp. I will always be a car girl at heart even when the car runs about the same price as our house. 

After seeing the car we hit up Trader Joes and a the craft fair. 

Back home and spent the house day outside. Anna got to play with her trampoline she got for Christmas finally. 

She also was the perfect little helper aka cutest mail carrier ever.

The kids played in the flower beds with trucks, shovels, and buckets of water. They were wet and a mess. So we had lunches outside. 

It was the perfect day to be outside too.

Bring back the warm weather. 

I put Anna down for a nap and come back outside to see Brian cutting down another tree. 

I wish I would have taken a before picture. You could barely walk in the door. Their were tools, boxes, bikes, scooters, lights, ladders, etc all over the place. It is now more organized that if need be I can move a few things and park my van back in the garage. 

After dinner we headed to go get ice cream. The place we went only option that is dairy free is sorbet. They actually were all out and I really wanted a treat so I go regular ice cream and then suffered the rest of the night. 

Sunday April 24

Outside bright and early enjoying the warm temperature. They were outside helping dad with yardwork and playing before 9am. 

Austin had a late afternoon football game. Instead of going to the game (we didn't have a sitter for Anna), Anna and I went to Kohl's to spend some Kohls cash. I bought a few tops and these jeans. I am in love with them, high waisted and so comfy. But the most exciting part was from being consistent with my eating healthy and working out I am down a pants size. Non-scale victory!!!!

We ended the weekend with another after dinner adventure. We went on a quick walk before the kids had to hope in the shower, to bed and back to reality. Austin is sitting on a scooter throwing a temper tantrum because we didn't go the way he wanted to, but ended up having fun. 

Anna is a rockstar in her sunnies. 

Overall we had a fun Spring Break. 

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