Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. We made it to another Friday. We are counting down the days until summer break and vacation. It can't come soon enough. It has been an off week, one day with no internet, feeling like I can't get caught up on anything, and gorgeous weather means we have been outside a lot. Even with the chaos I have a bunch of favorites from this week.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Ella made it to regionals for the National Science Bee. We are so far of her making it this far (especially compared to her struggling at her old school). Even though she is not going to nationals this year, we learned a lot to prepare for next year. 

~ TWO ~

Anna loves my sisters guinea pigs. Ella will take them out and play with them too. 


After Ella's science bee we went out to dinner, just the 3 of us. 

~ FOUR ~

We hosted Mother's Day brunch for both sides of the family. 

~ FIVE ~

Anna decided she was going to try and be slick and get on the school bus with her siblings. She had on her shoes and bookbag and headed to the bus stop. 

~ SIX ~

Naps are a struggle most days. But those eye lashes and lips. 

~ Seven ~

This is my "wall" to stop Anna from driving away. Our driveway is also at an angle towards the street so all the balls run away. So far she hasn't drove her little car, scooter or bike around it. 


I talked my parents into bringing their lawn mower over. We have two that are not currently working and our neighbors had already cut their grass three times, ours really needed done. I also need to add I don't think I have ever really push mowed the grass. I use to cut the grass. Also don't ask me to make straight lines. I like squares and zip zags and all that matters is the grass gets cut. 

~ NINE ~

Fresh haircut, it feels so much healthier

~ TEN ~

I was sitting outside reading and doing my devotionals. Anna picked up my book and started reading too. I ended up going in the house and grabbing her a bunch of books to read. 

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