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 Hey loves. Happy Monday. I have gotten questions on what nutrition program I was doing and what I ate after sharing how amazing I feel and my results. (If you missed that don't worry I will give all the details below). 

What Nutrition Program did I do?

4 Week Gut Protocol. It is a comprehensive nutrition program that shows you how the food you eat impacts your gut health and overall health. Pair it with 4 Weeks for Every Body, a no-impact fitness program, and our recommended supplements, and go all-in on truly feeling your best. The goal of the program is to identify food that could be causing digestive issues and eliminate them to rebalance your gut microbiome and improve your energy levels, immunity, and overall health.

Why did I do it?

I was experiencing
  •  stomach discomfort after eating
  •  low energy that I just thought was mom life of 3 and not getting a good nights sleep
  •  trouble sleeping even when Anna did sleep
  • craving sugar/chocolate
  • need a coffee or some sort of afternoon pick me up
  • struggle losing weight

Was it complicated/hard to complete?

I was hesitant to start, really over thinking everything. After the first week of getting into a good flow it was a breeze of 4 weeks. My biggest tip would be to plan out a few days of meals at a time and see what works for you. Get lots of veggies that you like, and be willing to try new things. My go to meals were just thrown together and still delicious. You don't need to over complicate it. 

Did I workout?

Yes, along with the nutrition program is a NO IMPACT 4 weeks for everybody workout program. No impact doesn't mean low intensity, but it is done in a different way. I really enjoyed these slower paced workouts that tested me in different ways. 

What did I eat?

Before I even share with ideas of what I ate, everyone is different. From how their body reacts to food, how much they need to eat, what foods they like and don't like etc. If someone else ate exactly the same way I do/did they may not see results or may get even better results. With the program you really dial into listening to YOUR body and knowing what works and doesn't work for you. Yes there were 6 categories of food that were temporarily removed and get added back in, in a specific way. Each week there was also different focuses (such as the first week all your veggies had to be cooked). When you purchase the program everything is broken for you, has short videos and pdf's, plus me to help you along the way. 

Here is ideas of what I ate


Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal and hard boiled eggs

Eggs with potatoes and veggies

Lots of veggies, eggs, berries, and avocado 

Eggs, veggies, sweet potatoes and matcha

berries, chicken sausage, and oat pancakes

Overnight oats


air fried kale, kombucha, and salad

air fried green beans, carrots, black beans, berries, and almonds

chicken, quinoa/black bean salad

quinoa/black bean salad, green beans, potatoes, and sweet potatoes


Egg roll in a bowl

Grilled salmon and lots of veggies

Turkey Joes over sweet potatoes with broccoli

Chicken, veggies, and rice with salsa

Baked Everything But the Bagel Salmon, potatoes, and green beans

Turkey Joes zucchini boats with broccoli and rice with salsa

Salad with dairy free honey mustard, turkey burgers with spinach, tomato, nutritional yeast on a jicama wrap and sweet potato fries.

Out to Eat

We eat out usually once a week and we still did while I was doing the 4 week gut protocol. Most places I could find something that I could eat, that wasn't a salad. Some places I just had to modify something on the menu. The big thing is portion size. A lot of the time you get more than one serving so be cautious of what your eating. 

We found a local place that has gluten free, vegan cheese pizza. It was so good. We have actually ordered from there a couple of times now. 

This was from another local place called Clean Eatz. I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side. 

We also got BiBiBop and Chiptole. 

Air fried cinnamon apples with gluten free granola and coconut yogurt with a drizzle of honey

hard boiled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning

Carrots, celery and almonds 

Air fried asparagus with vegan cream cheese rolled with nitrate free chicke


Every day I still got to enjoy my nutrition shake. I added hidden veggies- frozen cauliflower rice and/or spinach 

My Results:

I will be honest I didn't stay on track 100%. I didn't get all my containers everyday, some days I may have had more. 

I am feeling AMAZING!!! I didn't know I felt so horrible until I felt this good.
The past 4 weeks of no impact workouts paired with improving my gut health and determining what my food sensitivities could be. I am seeing real changes that little by little overtime have occurred. It is also something I keep up with. I don't want to go back to feel like crap all the time, not sleeping, having no energy, etc. I have seen real growth in my energy and mood.
I was working out and eating healthy foods but not seeing great results. It didn't make sense.
So I decided to give the 4 week gut protocol a try and see if my gut health and what I was eating was affecting my results.
The results:
- I am feeling amazing.
- Full of energy.
- Really feeling like me again.
- No more constant stomach aches
- I feel rested, even when not getting a full night's sleep with Anna.
- no more brain fog, actually being productive at home
- down 7 lbs, the lowest weight since before I had Anna.
- down 6 inches, down a pants size
- awareness what foods I have a sensitivity that are healthy that I was eating all the time (PB, broccoli, almonds, dairy, etc)

Others Results:

Real results from girls doing it along with me. 

  • Down 5.2lbs
  • Down 11 inches
  • falling asleep faster
  • Skin is clearer
  • Having “normal” poops for the 1st time in YEARS
  • Have energy without needing a ton of caffeine
  • Don’t need food/drinks nearly as sweet to feel satisfied
  • Working out 6 days per week consistently!
  • Finally have the discipline built instead of depending on motivation.

I didn't stay 100% in track, I didn't have a perfect container count each day, I had pizza, pie and a went over my sugar allotment every day

⬇️ 5.2 lbs
⬇️ 5 total inches (2 inches in my waist!)
⬇️ reduced bloat
⬇️ reduced fatigue
Plus, I'm sleeping better, my skin is looking great and I have more energy! I'm dang proud of my body almost 8 months postpartum 💪🏽
This program is 100% a game changer and has helped me get back on track with my nutrition!

My results:
🙌 Lost 4.5 inches total
🙌 Down 8.8 lbs
🙌 Finally saw the scale move again
🙌 More energy (no longer relying on caffeine to get me through the day)
🙌 I have energy after work again
🙌 Sleep better (no more needing a sleep gummy to fall & stay asleep)
🙌 My face & neck aren't puffy
🙌 BIGGEST ONE: no more stomach pains or gurgling after I eat
😆 TMI, regular 💩
😆 Anxiety has decreased (no longer need daily CBD gummies)
🙌 I have more of an understanding of how to read labels
🙌 Learned how to meal plan & prep
🙌 Feel good in my body again
🙌 Learning what negatively impacts my body
🙌 Enjoying trying new foods & recipes
I feel amazing, strong, confident, & healthier than I have ever before.

What will you get with the 4 week gut protocol?

With the program you’ll receive: 

  • A step-by-step elimination guide and re-introduction schedule to identify your specific food intolerances
  • Videos with tips to help to guide you through each week of your own personal journey
  • Food lists, gut-friendly recipes, and grocery lists
  • Trackers to take note of your how you feel each day and your progress
  • A virtual community completing the program along with you.
  • Support and accountability 

Want to get started or talk more about it

If you’re interested in trying the 4 Week Gut Protocol fill out this form and I’ll reach out to you to help you get set up and I can introduce you to my online accountability group! What do you say? Are you in?!

Update with where I am at now:

I completed the program two weeks ago and have reintroduced the foods that I had temporarily eliminated. I have determined that dairy, almond (and almond milk), broccoli, and cauliflower cause me stomach discomfort and gas so I am staying clear of eating these. I am still full of energy, staying consistent with working out at least 4 days a week, eating lots of veggies, and drinking all the water. 

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