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 Hey loves. Happy Black Friday. Did you go out and do any Black Friday shopping? I am happy that Black Friday is back on Friday and not on Thanksgiving. I hated that people were stuck working instead of spending Thanksgiving with their families. We are not out black Friday shopping. If I do any it will be online. Today we are spending the day as a family decorating for Christmas. We will see how much we get done. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I hate to admit that we haven't gotten pictures printer and/or hung up since having Anna and she is 3. We got all the kids school pictures back last week. I bought a new clock (our last one did work) and picture frames and hung up the kids in the living room. Now to get rid of all the wallpaper. 

~ TWO ~

Anna made a cute turkey craft at home. She used scissors, glue, and markers all by herself. She is growing up to fast. 


Movie night with a fire, smores, and hot chocolate. 


~ FOUR ~

Lazy Sunday morning and getting cozy with our robes on. I put mine on so Anna had to wear hers too. 

~ FIVE ~

Trader Joes had their Grump trees. They are so cute, now I have to keep it alive to plant in the spring and figure out where we are going to plant it. 

~ SIX ~

These two are so cute. Austin picked to watch some dinosaur show. Anna said it was scary and was screaming at some parts. Austin hugged her and covered her eyes when it got scary. 

~  SEVEN ~

Ella keeps moving our one exercise bike (not my big spin bike that is in the basement) into the living room and she has been riding while watching tv. 

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