Our Week Thanksgiving Edition

   Hey loves. I got out of the habit of sharing Our Week posts. I also got out of the habit of taking pictures throughout our day. I know these posts can be long, repetitive, and boring to some. I write them for me as a scrapbook (which is why I started my blog 13 years ago to begin with) and to share with our family that isn't local. If you're here for our weekly updates, thank you. 

Monday November 21

Monday morning I hit the snooze way to many times. I knew I had a busy day ahead but didn't want to get out of my warm cozy bed. Instead of getting up and being productive I laid there awake from 430 until when I did get up at 550am. Ella's alarm was set to go off at 6 and our morning would get started. From waking kids up, getting breakfasts, packing lunches, getting bookbags ready, oh all the fun.

Walking home from walking Ella to the bus stop bright and early. It was a cold one, only felt like 12 degrees. It is an adjustment getting use to this cold weather so quick. 

While Anna and Austin played I made my to do list for the day. I straightened my hair and got ready for the day. I had taken a shower the day before and dried my hair straight so it only needed touched up with the iron. 

I dropped Anna off at school than headed to Trader Joes. I really went for flowers and cranberry sauce. I ended up getting a bunch of peppermint flavored items (cookies really) and this cute little Grump tree. Now to keep it alive until it is spring and we can plant it outside. 

The cleaning plan for the day to prep for Thanksgiving was to vacuum the whole house and use the rug scrubber on some stains. I popped in a headphone to listen to an new audiobook and got to work. I had to pick up the mess of toys I put away the day before because the kids played before school. I got everything done before having to pick up Anna from school.

After school we swung by Burger King for chicken nuggets and fries because I have spoiled Anna and she thinks she gets fries everyday after school. Then we headed home. I did some more cleaning around the house while Anna played in the living room because the toy room carpet was still wet. 

Easy family favorite dinner of cheesy skillet lasagna, aka skillet lasagna without the meat because we are using up what we have in the fridge to make room for all things Thanksgiving. 

After dinner Anna and Austin played and watching some tv. Austin picked a dinosaur show that Anna said was scary and kept screaming at. As a wonderful big brother he hugged her and covered her eyes during the scary parts. 

After cleaning up the kitchen and starting the dishwasher I sat down to relax and enjoy some hot chocolate. 

I also grabbed the book I got from the library. It is easier for me to read on my kindle but enjoy a physical book at times too. Have you read Carrie Soto is Back? I read a few chapters and could not get into it. 

While I was reading Anna fell asleep on the couch around 7pm. (she didn't have a nap earlier that day). Brian and Austin headed across the street to watch the Cavs game and Austin played with his friend. 

I headed upstairs to fill diffusers and humidifiers and get everything ready for bed. I took Anna upstairs, cuddled with her a few minutes because she woke up when I put her in bed. Then I headed back downstairs and find Ella in the living room with one of our exercise bikes. She was riding and watching tv. 

I grabbed my craft supplies and started making a wreath that I had planned on making for Halloween but now want to have up for Thanksgiving. After an hour working on it I was only a quarter of the way done. I decided to stop and go upstairs and read before falling asleep. (I never did finish this craft it got put away for next year)

Tuesday November 22

Tuesday started off as a slow morning. My kids didn't have school so I turned off all the alarms. Austin and Anna were up by 630 still. Ella slept in until 9am. Anna and Austin spent the morning playing nicely together for the most part. Ella likes to hid out in her room for the most part. 

Princess Anna descending the staircase to play and use her magic powers. 

Ella was watching some cooking show in her room that you used random ingredients to come up with a meal. She asked me to pick two random ingredients for her to come up with a snack. I picked a green apple and baby bello cheese. That turned into PB and jelly apple cites, cheese and pretzel bites, and everything is better with chocolate Reese cup. I love her imagination. 

Austin and Anna had found out if they play with the sit and spin on the kitchen floor compared to the carpeted floor they can go a lot faster. 

After lunch I had running around to do and took all 3 kids with me. First stop was the library. Austin picked out some new Star Wars books, Ella got some crafting books, and Anna got some colors books. 

Anna played on the kids computer for a few minutes. 

Then Anna and Austin played with the toys before we left.

Next stop was Target and Petsmart for crickets. They for the most part did really well. Austin had a listening problem when we were in line, he wanted to keep looking at fish tank figurines. 

When we got home it was craft time. I kept forgetting I bought the kids a fall/Thanksgiivng painting kit from the dollar tree. 

These were the two books I got from the library. Have you read either of them?

Brian came home from work and played with Anna and blocks while I curled up and started reading one of my books before I started dinner. 

For dinner we had ground turkey cheesy burritos. (with refried beans) All the kids ate them shockingly. 

After dinner Ella and I did a tiktok together that had to do with an invisible frog. She then went and got her real frog. 

Wednesday November 23

The day of getting all the last minute things done before hosting Thanksgiving. Anna had preschool, which left me with Austin and Ella: a few stores to go to and the best little helpers. 

After dropping Anna off at school Ella, Austin, and I went to Walmart for one thing, hot chocolate. Ella has been drinking it a lot and we prefer the larger tubs instead of the individual packets because we have bigger cups. I am happy to say we went in and out of Walmart and only got the one thing on my list, that never happens.

Our next stop was Tractor Supply Company to buy deer corn. Yes we feed our deer in the backyard, that's part of the reason they keep coming back. My thought also is if I feed them other food maybe they will stay away from my flowers. 

Then we headed home to knock some more things off my to do list. Ella and Austin were awesome helpers taking toys upstairs, switching laundry, putting away dishes etc. 

Surprise lunch after picking up Anna we went to Mcdonalds. (damn has they gotten expensive, especially when they no longer want kids meals)

We came home and ate lunch then....

Anna wanted to cuddle and took a nap. 

Can you guess that Austin was eating pirates booty. My kids love it but they some how end up making huge messes with it. 

Anna's new thing is covering your eyes and coming to see what she made. She also covers her eyes when she wants you to, she doesn't care that we have steps and walls that we could run into either. 

Ta Da, Anna had all of the Little People vehicles with a person in them. 

Ella went to her dads for the night and I made dinner. We were having homemade pizza on naan bread. I decided to switch it up and made one taco pizza. 

I also found dairy free mozzarella that I used for my pizza, it didn't melt very good but but tasted delicious. 

After dinner I had plans of finishing all the cleaning aka sweep, mopping, vacuuming, arranging the tables in the dining room/playroom, etc. Brian decided to invite a few guys over to watch the Cavs game so I went upstairs and read some of my book. 

Thursday November 24

You can read a full Thanksgiving recap HERE

Friday November 25

Guess who is back from the North Pole with his special breakfast, GusGus our elf on the shelf. 

Yes there is a typo in the letter from Gusgus, this has been a tradition every year that something is spelled wrong or doesn't make sense then Ella figures it out. 

GusGus brings donuts and fruit, hot chocolate for Ella, and cute cookies. Austin and Anna where up before before 7 and found the surprise on the tablet and dug in. Austin' didn't want to wait for anyone else to get up. I dragged Ella out of bed (then she went back to sleep) to get a picture and see what GusGus brought, oh he also brought Santa socks this year too, before the other two ate everything. 

A little while later we had Hot Chocolate cinnamon rolls. They were really good, I actually liked them better than the normal ones. 

Let the undecorating of fall begin. I somehow got a lot more stuff this year that we needed more boxes for storage (thank you to the million diaper boxes I save). I also separated Halloween and Fall this year. 

I saw this cute photo of me and Ella on time hop from 10 years ago, Ella wanted to recreate it. 

Little jealous but found me cuddling and talking with Ella. It turned into a screaming match "It's my mommy" "She was my mommy first" .

Fall got put away and all the Christmas boxes came out of the attic. We have a lot of boxes that I realized. This was the first year that I was actually the one bringing them out of the attic. I have decided that we are getting rid of all the cardboard boxes, getting plastic totes for everything, and they will be separated by rooms. 

I found these two hiding in Anna's room, reading books instead of helping get boxes of of the attic. 

Anna did end up helping bringing out all the Christmas books. Ella set up her little village. Austin helped with stuffed animals. 

And lets not forget the kids got to decorate two of the 3 trees. 

Brian's goal was to get the whole house decorated in one day, that is 3 large trees, kids rooms, odds and ends etc. We came to hiccups with lights not working, tinsel not cooperating, getting tired, etc. It did not all get done in one day. 

Saturday November 26

Oh Gusgus what are you doing riding Sven who is riding Sven?

Anna was not very happy that Gusgus was on her toys and she pushed him off. 

Saturday was more of a relaxed day, finishing decorating, and cleaning. The worst part is all the little green pieces everywhere. Anna was in her own world back to playing. 

Brian went to his parents to watch the Ohio State game with Austin, then he came home and started building something in the garage. Anna and i curled up on the couch with a book, hot chocolate and she watched Frozen. 

Sunday November 27

Gusgus is riding a hippo going to destroy Ella's village. 

The kids didn't want pancakes or waffles for Sunday breakfast. They had cereal. So Brian made us hash browns and omelettes. 

Anna loves playing with the kitchens at my parents house. We were not in there 2 minutes and she was dragging them out of the bedroom. 

We went to my parents to drop off items we borrowed for Thanksgiving and for Brian to built my parents a step to get into the house. 

My dad had knee surgery tomorrow and it would not have been easy, or possible for him to safely get in and out of the house after surgery with his walker. Brian made a step that is big enough for his walker and connect to the height of their deck. 

Anna fell asleep on the way home. Brian and Austin went across the street for a play date while I stayed home with the napping princess and made a delicious turkey pot pie for dinner. 

We ended the night with packing lunches, doing dishes, and showers/bath for the kiddos before bedtime stories and cuddles. 

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