Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. We finally made it to the weekend. This week just seemed the longest ever. I am happy to be getting back to our normal routines. My kids have a three day weekend ahead. Then two of them only have three days next week then another 3 day weekend. (Wish me luck). This is my reminder to stop up on healthy snacks for them or they will eat me out of a house. 

First off I want to deeply thank each an everyone of you that reached out with your condolences and kind words over the loss of my father in law. It means the world to me and Brian to have a community of amazon women who love and support us. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin had his basketball pictures last weekend. Doesn't he look so handsome with her hair combed to the side, his glasses that make him look like superman, and that smile. Now lets see if he had a cute smile for the pictures. 

~ TWO ~

Anna was doing so good with sleeping in her own bed. The night of losing Brian's dad, when Brian got home at like 5am Anna crawled into our bed and just hugged Brian. Our kids may not understand what we are thinking or really what is happening right now but they have been the most loving ever. Even Ella will just go up to Brian and hug him. 


We needed out of the house so we hit up the RV show. 

If the kids had a choice they would pick a huge pull trailer that was as high as a semi and had a loft with beds up top. The other choice would be bunk beds. 

~ FOUR ~

You would have never guessed there were 25 people in our house. These two girls played so well, didn't scream for their moms and got along. Anna and Lauren are cousins and are one year apart, Anna is older. 

~ FIVE ~

Family favorite game right now is Apples to Apples Disney Edition. ama

~ SIX ~

Anna was bad and stole Ella's glasses, but isn't she the cutest. 


It's the hand of the face for me. Most morning's Anna doesn't want anything to do with Ella, or Ella doesn't have time to cuddle. 


Finally took the time to clean out my fridge. I got rid of leftovers, condiments that we don't use, expired food (why did we have stuff from 2019 when we moved last year) 

~ NINE ~

Anna loves playing dominoes. She is doing awesome with sharing and taking turns. 

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  1. Cleaning out the fridge is such a good feeling! I just did old sauces and condiments. How do they add up so quickly and get forgotten? I am trying to organize and inventory weekly as I do my shopping list, but it is hard to keep up. Happy weekend!

    1. it is hard to keep up with. I have come up with a way that works for you


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