Our Week with all the events

 Hey loves. Last week was busy with different events we had going on. It is like the schools and Brian's work decided to all plan stuff at the same time. Let's jump in and take a look at our fun week. 

Monday February 27

Before school fun aka mess. Anna loves to make a mess right in the middle of the walk way blocking the whole area. She also decided to give me a hard time on getting dressed and said she didn't want to go to school. Once I reminder her that she would get to see her friends she got ready. 

While I was getting Anna dressed I looked out the window and saw our deer friends. There was a little bit of food they were munching on. There were actually 8 deer in the woods. A mix of male and females. I was going to get them more food until I saw the males. They can be mean and I don't push my luck. 

While Anna was at school I pushed play on my workout. 

After school Anna requested mac and cheese for lunch. Then she went to the fridge and picked out everything else she wanted too- cheese stick, string cheese, strawberry, and smoothie. She ate two bites of mac and cheese, drank her smoothie, and had one strawberry. 

She must have had a rough day at school. She ended up taking a nap, a way to late nap from 3 to 5. 

Thankfully she woke up in a good mood but was a terror to put to bed. 

Tuesday February 28

Through the eyes of a preschool taking pictures herself. 

and her taking pictures of mom too.

I talked my parents into watching Anna for the day at their house. She use to go there once a week to spend time with her grandparents and give me a break and get stuff done around the house I don't get done with her home 

Before I left she had to have all her toys out at Memaw's. 

My project of the day was that corner in the basement. I started going through items to donate, sell, give away, and keep. I also put the coffee table in the tv space and moved the Barbie house and accessories over to this area for Anna to play. 

Ella came home from school and was hungry. I suggested for her to make a shake. She ended up making a Shamrock shake

She also took my phone and took a bunch of pictures of her shake, and her drinking the shake. My little influenster. 

I had planned on working out but got catch up in the basement project then the kids were home and the dinner witching hour started. I took 10 minutes to get a stretching workout done before bed. 

Wednesday March 1

Starting off the month strong up early and getting my workout done before the day. 

The rest of the day was a blur. While Anna was at school I ran to Target for a few things. 

Brian had his work awards dinner that he had to make an appearance at to give an award, then he rushed home to make it to Ella's concert. 

Ella had her 5th grade band concert. She has only been playing the trumpet for 6 months. I was blow away how good the band and orchestra were. I remember back when I played trumpet at our first concert there were lots of squeaks and we played Hot Cross Buns. The songs the band performed were:
- Claire de Lune
- French Song
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- Mary Hand a Little Lamb
- London Bridge
- Old MacDonald
Freedom's Road
- The Lost City

While Brian, Ella, and I were at Ella's concert my parents came over to watch Anna and Austin and put Austin to bed as the concert went until 8 and we didn't get home until 8:30 with traffic. 

Thursday March 2

A lazy day at home knocking things off my to do list.  

I forgot the day before was the first of the month and I always wash all our bedsheets on the first. One day late isn't horrible. I also took down all our Valentine's Day decorations. 

I took Anna downstairs with me and showed her what I cleaned in the basement and moved her Barbie doll house and gave her mats to sit on and play. (this has worked out great for her playing and me getting my workout in)

While Anna played I got my workout done. 

I gave up on my sourdough starter. It was not doubling in size or passing the float test. A girlfriend recommended buying a dehydrated started. I have been following Acts of Sourdough on Instagram and she sells her starters. I figured I would give it a try. I love all the cute packaging it came with. 

Friday March 3

Another morning up early and pressing play. What's the excitement about?

I finished the last workout in the program I was doing. It was an 8 week program but it took me 12 weeks to get it done. Life happens. I loved the program though. 

After taking Anna to school I headed to the store to find deodorant. I had looked the other day at Target and our store is under construction and a mess. I couldn't find what I was looking for. I went to a different store and found what myself some, and I found Brian's deodorant. TMI he can only use this brand, this specific one otherwise he breaks out. It isn't always easy to find, but I found a bunch so why not buy some to have on hand. 

I had my yearly visit with my obgyn. Did you know you no longer get a pap smear every year that is it 3-5 years depending on your age and history. I also asked about when a girl should first see an obgyn and the answer was 21 or sexually active. The other time would be if the girl is having irregular periods with cramping every month they can be brought in to get put on birth control. 

Austin had his first mother son dance. He didn't want to go but I said we would go for a little bit and check it out. 

I made him dance a few songs with me and take a picture. He only saw one boy from his class that he knew. 

Afterwards I surprised him with ice cream.

When we got home Brian had started a fire and we watched Resort TV 1 live from Disney World. 

Saturday March 4

A slow start to our Saturday as Anna let us sleep until 7. Brian had an early showing so it was just the kids and I. As you can see someone got into stickers. 

All 3 kids and I went downstairs after breakfast to play. Austin played on the xbox, Anna played with her Barbie's, and Ella was doing a coloring page for something. I got a workout in. I did an oldie but a good 22 minute workout. It was way before digital streaming. It was an 8 week program but you kept repeating the same workouts. I am spoiled now to even think about doing the same workout more than once or twice. 

Happy National Son's Day. Austin got a surprise from Grandma. She took him to a train show, then to Sam's Club and a sleepover. He got a new truck, caboose, and Star Wars R2D2 squishmallow. 

Oh look more stickers. (I really hate stickers) 

Oh look she decided to decorate my wall in the office. This is part of the wall the Brian started tearing down wallpaper in months ago. 

Ella somehow talked Memaw and Claudia into having a sleepover at Memaw's. Anna decided to take a nap, I took Ella to my moms. 

Brian has been itching to do another project. The basement has been put on hold for the moment. I agreed to let him take down the wallpaper in the dining room/toy room. Anna even got to help. 

My front door camera went off for movement. What do you see deer in our flower bed eating our bushes, that we eventually will be tearing out. 

I grabbed a bucket of deer feed and went out back. My goal this summer is to get one of them to eat out of my hand. A couple have gotten within a few feet then they get skitish and run away. Anna scared this one. 

Since it was just Brian, Anna, and I we decided to go to Chili's for dinner, we had gift cards. It had been forever since we had been there. They were busy, the food was good, the service was good, and Anna was good but she didn't eat much. 

Sunday March 5

Sunday morning pancakes. 

Lots of playing. She helped me clean up her toys and move them into the living room so Brian could tear down more wallpaper. 

Don't worry Anna got to help too. 

Ella and Claudia did a mosaic chalk drawing at my parents. They talked my mom into going to Dollar Tree to buy tape to make this. 

Ending my night and week with some stretching and prepping for a new week ahead. 

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