April Monthly Musing

 Hey loves. Who is ready for May? The school year is almost over, warmer weather, and hopefully a better month compared to what we have been dealing with. 

I am linking up for this month's monthly musing with Patty and Holly

1- Favorite Spring Fashion Pieces?

Flip flops because that means there is no snow on the ground. 

2- Favorite Spring scent? 

I don't wear perfume but I love the smell of any floral candle. 

3- Go to Spring meals?

Weather permitting I am about grilling. In reality that means Brian is grilling and not me. I am craving a mushroom burger, with some air fryer potatoes. Or honey lime grilled chicken Or Santa Fe Salad 

4- Share a Spring dessert recipe?

Blueberry scones, Chocolate chip scones, (I want to try both with sourdough) Almond Joy Wonder Whips are a family favorite as well as ice cream cones. 

5- Share a few Spring traditions?
Spending as much time outside as we can after being stuck inside all winter. My kids and I always come up with a Spring bucket list

6- Best Spring Cleaning Hack?
Make a list and do a little at a time. 

7- Will you plant a garden this year?
I have started some herbs in the house. We have talked with our neighbor who we are close with that have a fenced in backyard (and they don't feed the deer) about sharing a garden with them. 

8- Spring Rain love or hate?
Both, but April Showers bring May flowers. This year our grass looks so bright green with all the rain.

9- Favorite Spring Flower?

Tulips are my favorite spring flower. They scream warmer weather is coming. 

10- Any Spring Travel this Year?

Over my kids Spring Break two weeks ago we had gorgeous weather. We went on a mini road trip down to Columbus Ohio and spent the day at the zoo. Then we had a delicious dinner out on the patio of a local bar and came home. We have no other plans for this spring. Our vacation this year is right after my kids get out of school. 

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  1. Your recipes are making my mouth water! I am definitely going to try these recipes- thank you for sharing! Tulips are one of my faves too :)

  2. I can not wait to start wearing my flip flops more; this is one of the first springs I can remember where I've had to switch back and forth from them to more warmer options.

  3. All of the foods you mentioned are making me hungry. And I am so with you on the flip flops! Thanks for joining us again this month.



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