Friday Favorites Hello June

 Hey loves. Happy Friday and Happy first Friday of June. It is also my kids last Friday of school, even though we have a few more days next week. It has been a crazy week. I am so ready for the start of summer break and vacation. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We participated in a 5k, well really the one mile walk for the TJ Carrie Foundation. 

~ TWO ~

Memorial Day parade followed by donuts and... 


Going for a little walk. Ella was in a good mood too. That doesn't happen much anymore it seems like. 

~ FOUR ~

Impromptu cookout with friends. I took no pictures. This is Austin playing on my phone. 

~ FIVE ~

Working on my tan and reading a book while Anna plays in her water table. 

~ SIX ~

Another day another walk and this time we found a frog. The kids wanted to keep him as a pet but we made the kids put him back.


Another day another hike. We have been getting the kids outside walking in the heat, it has been in the 80s so hopefully they won't complain as much in Florida. (I know I am dreaming) It has been a nice way to end our evening though with some family time, and exercise. We have opted for walking trails at the parks instead of the paved paths that would take you to a playground. 


Ella's school had an art show. She had art one quarter this year and made some neat things but never brought them home. It was cool that they saved everything to display for the art show. 

~ NINE ~

I volunteered to go with Austin's class to the zoo. There were 24 kids in our group, all wild 1st graders but we had fun. 

~ TEN ~ 

Ella is having spirit week at school. One day was Culture or History day. She decided to dress Amish as her father's family down the line is Amish. I love that she still wants to participate in spirit weeks. 

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  1. What wonderful favourites and photos.
    You are doing well getting the kids out walking, my two hate walking anywhere.


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