Happy Birthday to Me, 38 random things about me

 Hey loves. Happy Birthday to ME!!! 

Last few years I have shared 37 Thing About Me, 36 Oh my, and 35 random facts about me. Reading back through them I repeated a few things. I am going to try and not repeat anything. 

1- My favorite Disney princess is Snow White. 

2- I use to collect frogs. It started when I had my back broken and people would buy me different frogs from stuffed animals to figurines. 

3- I also use to collect shot glasses. I just recently donated 99% of them, I have no need for over 50 shot glasses to just sit in a box. 

4- I have a small collection of Disney snow globes. I bought them off Facebook marketplace. I have a Cinderella, 2000 Mickey Mouse, and Christmas Mickey. 

5- I also have a bunch of  small snow globes for Christmas.

6- I love a good deal. 

7- I rarely buy anything for myself and just recently have been updating my wardrobe that has been the same items for years. 

8- I use to hate baking, I was no good at it because I hate measuring.

9- I love baking with sourdough and using the food scale for exact measurements.

10- I added physical items to my Etsy shop this year and I am so excited about it. I was also so nervous to do it. 

11- I juggle wearing so many hats, but I promise I don't have it all together. 

12- I never thought I would be a stay at home mom. I thought I would always work

13- I use to want to be a teacher.

14- I could never do everything that teachers do now a days. I give them so much credit. 

15- I hate scrubbing the shower and bathtub.

16- Give me laundry with a podcast or movie on in the background any day.

17- I have two favorite colors. Hot pink and teal blue.

18- I have a mug/cup addition.

19- Certain cups only get water. Some only coffee, some only tea.

20- I prefer silver over gold or rose gold. 

21- I use to play the trumpet and taught myself right handed keyboard. 

22- I also did percussion and drums for a little bit in band because it hurt to play the trumpet with my braces.

23- I had braces for over 4 years.

24- I got them off the day before prom. 

25- I have only ever stayed overnight in the hospital while pregnant or when I had my kids. 

26- I also stayed overnight once with Ella when she was little. 

27- I have both my ears pierced and my left ear cartilage pierced. I only put in earrings if I am leaving the house and I never sleep in them anymore. 

28- My favorite zoo animal is the monkeys

29- I also have a weird love for naked mole rats. 

30- I use to love baths, but now our master bathroom only has a shower and I don't use the kids bathtub

31- I enjoy a nice glass of wine, but I want more than 4 oz.

32- I also like all my wine chilled.

33- I barely ever order wine when we are out to eat.

34- I have never been to a winery. 

35- I would also love to go beer tasting.

36- My current favorite beer is a hazy ipa that has a grapefruit flavor

37- I don't each regular grapefruit

38- How am I 38 already?

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  1. Happy birthday! I used to think Snow White was boring but now that I’m older I appreciate her so much more. It was the first ever full length animated movie and kids today still love her— that says a lot!!

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess


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