Friday Favorites Happy August

 Hey loves. August is here. We have had a busy but fun week. Tonight Brian and I have a date night with another couple at the Cleveland Zoo for their Twilight at the Zoo. I can't wait to share all about it.  

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We went to the farmers market to pick up our bi weekly CSA produce. Anna was in a mood and was wondering away (but not to far) then following slowly behind. A nice girl from a pick your own flower booth gave Anna a flower. Later Anna said, "Mom I'm going to share with you" She can be the sweetest. 

~ TWO ~

My favorite dinner of the week. 100% grass fed ground beef with cheese, mushrooms and onions, bbq sauce,  and bacon. side of salad and tomatoes, air fryer beets, cucumber tomato salad and sourdough bread. 


Aldi find. Did you know that cold foam comes out of a can? (it does at dunkin I'm not sure at Starbucks) This mocha fudge is so good. 

~ FOUR ~

Austin had a basketball camp 4 days this week. They learned the fundamentals and he had a lot of fun. He is asking when the basketball season starts already. The camp was only 45 minutes a day and I was able to sit and watch him, which I never get to do. 

~ FIVE ~

Ella requested a real coconut to drink the water out of. We found one at Walmart and shook it and heard the liquid. I used a drill to put a whole in it. She drank some out of a straw then dumped the rest in a cup. We also cracked the coconut to get the meat. I like coconut but I wasn't a fan of the fresh meat, it was kinda flavorless. 

~ SIX ~

We spend an afternoon/evening at Cedar Point. Getting our money worth out of our season passes. We meet up with my girlfriend and her two daughters and Ella took a friend with her. 

Why yes there are a bunch of rides and the kids decide to climb a tree. 

Austin and his little girlfriend. 

Brian got to ride a few rides with Anna and he even took a picture. I went off with Austin to a few rides. 

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  1. It looks like you had such a fun time at Cedar Point and I hope you have a fabulous time tonight at the zoo.


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