Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. We made it to the weekend. We had a busy week but it was a good week. There was something on the calendar everyday. What was suppose to be a slow weekend, our schedule is getting full again. I'm excited for some new changes coming. but first lets take a look back at this past weeks favorites... 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

My new favorite candle from Kirklands. I bought when they were on sale for $8, if you sign up for their emails you get notified when they have their one day sales on all their candles. Pumpkin spice and cream. It is not overly spice scented just the right around the pumpkin. 

~ TWO ~

My go to lunch this week. Apple chicken sausage (I have been heating in the microwave) and a salad kit with almonds, and air fryer hard boiled eggs. 


I received this book Moonlight Temptation from Penelope Black as an advanced reader copy. It came out this past Tuesday and is available on kindle unlimited. I could not read this book fast enough, and can't wait for the completion of the story to come out in December.  3 hot bikers, small down, in-depth characters, slow burn, minimum spice, and mystery makes for an amazing read. 

~ FOUR ~

Annas is her own little personality. She had me take pictures and videos of her making different faces

~ FIVE ~

Stocking up for Halloween. Glow sticks are always a fun to give in Halloween or birthday goodie bags. We also decorate our kids and trick or treating buckets so we can see them in the dark. 

~ SIX ~

Brian had his work company picnic. The kids had so much fun with the bounce house and slide, they keep asking if we can go back there. 


Ella's Girl Scout troop helped out at Girl Scout day at the zoo and made cute elephant hats with the kids. 


I have changed my mindset and focusing on moving my body for me. (not sharing on social media everyday etc). I am surprised just by the little changes how I am feeling.

~ NINE ~

My little old lady wanted rollers in her hair. I didn't know in advance what she was trying to achieve. We didn't put any product in her hair and in the morning it was still very wet and didn't hold the curl like she wanted. Next time she will use you words to tell me what she wanted not just put curlers in my hair. 

~ TEN ~

Austin was suppose to go to an event at his school with me, Trivia with Dears. He didn't want to go. He wanted to help his dad with yard work and play outside. I can't be mad that he wanted to play outside after being in school all day. 

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  1. How funny - I just posted a link for something I bought at Kirkland's and had to Google to see if they were still in business because there isn't a single store in Washington! I miss the Girl Scout days - Sophia was a Daisy and then a Brownie and we had so much fun. Have a great weekend!

  2. That candle sounds heavenly! My boys would definitely pick outdoor time over an indoor school event too.


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