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 Hey loves. We are halfway through the week. How is your week going so far? Mine has been off to a rough start with a stomach bug going around. Fingers crossed I don't get it. Last week I felt like the week dragged even though it was only 4 days. This week are back to the routine with Anna being at school a few days a week and Ella comes home today from being away at camp with school. I can't wait to hear all about it.  

Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay for Let's Look.

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This month we are sharing our Evening Routine

I used to not have an evening routine. I was all about the morning routine but never got in the habit of having a good evening routine. Now I great evening routine and no morning routine. Maybe one day I will have both.

The time my evening routine starts varies from day to day. On weekend nights it is hit or miss. Sunday nights it is catch up on everything from the weekend and prepare for the week ahead. 

Usually after the kids have come in from playing outside or with neighbors:
  • pack school lunches
  • pack Austin a snack
  • fill water bottles for school and place in fridge
  • wash dishes (our dishwasher is currently broke)
  • wipe of counters and table
  • sweep
While I do doing all this Brian is getting Austin ready for bed, shower if needed and bedtime story.
After finishing up downstairs I head upstairs.
  • Fill diffusers and humidifiers if needed. With the kids being sick that last few days I have started at least the diffusers with essential oils. 
  • Get Anna ready for bed (bath if needed)
  • read Anna her bedtime story
  • get myself ready for bed 
    • wash face
    • take out contacts
    • brush teeth
    • put on pjs
  • lay down with Anna and read until she falls asleep. (I keep saying I am going to sleep train her to go to bed by herself but it hasn't happened yet and at the same time one day she won't want me to lay down with her anymore).
  • head to my bed if I didn't fall asleep in Anna's bed. ( I a usually so tired that once i stop I crash.  a goal is to get into a good routine and be able to spend some time with Brian before bed)
What does your evening routine look like?
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