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Hey loves. Happy Friday. I think it is Friday at least. I get so thrown off when my kids have a day off school. My older two had off on Monday, then Anna fell asleep 10 minutes before we were suppose to leave for preschool so she was home too. Day light savings is throwing me off and I want to go to bed around 430. My positive I have gotten up early 4 days this week and got some quiet time and a workout done. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Ignore the mom why are you taking my picture face. Every day since November 1st Ella has worn something Christmasy to school. Here she even stole my Christmas tree sweater. Last weekend we went shopping to local thrift stores to get her more red and Christmas clothes. She insisted she needed clothes. Then we had a wonderful talk about a need and a want. 

~ TWO ~

We took down Halloween decorations. I asked Ella to help me take down the spiderweb that was connected to her window. All she had to do was stick her arm out her window. That turned into her being on the roof then on top the garage. This girl has no fear. She did help Brian with Christmas lights on the roof the next day too. (our Christmas lights are on the house, but we haven't turned them on yet) 


Our neighbor invited us and our other neighbors over for "beers and bows". He was target practicing shooting his bow in the backyard. (it was done safely and he has land). All the guys tried to pull back on the bow and were not able move it much (it was a 60 lb compound or something). Ella was able to move to more than the guys. She was very proud of herself. Ella also has a bow at her fathers that isn't as much of a compound and she hasn't used it in a long time. 

~ FOUR ~

Brian and the kids went across the street to watch the Ohio State football game while Ella and I went shopping. The kids (there were 4 of them) were playing next thing they see if Anna sleeping in the corner. She grabbed pillows and blankets and made herself a little bed. 

~ FIVE ~

Brian racked a bunch of our leaves into a big pile for all the kids to jump in. It is shocking how many leaves we still get after cutting down 8 trees. We technically only have one tree in our front yard but our neighbor has some trees and we have the woods next to our house too. 

~ SIX ~

Anna ran to find me to show me this. Ella showed her how to make a heart with her hands. 

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  1. I've been so thrown off this week too; my son had no school on Tuesday or Friday and that has thrown me off completely! My boy used to do target shooting with compound bows too; some of them are really hard.


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