Elf on the Shelf Week 4

  Hey loves. Gus Gus our Elf on the Shelf is back for another year of fun. Each Saturday I will be recapping our week of adventures. If you missed you he came on Thanksgiving morning with a North Pole Breakfast,  week 1 adventures, week 2 adventures and week 3 adventures

** Disclaimer some parts of the post may not be safe for kids giving details of the magic of our Elf on the Shelf.

Day 22 Friday December 15

Gus Gus is ready for take out night. Candy is from the  from Elf Kit. (My elf kid was labeled as last years. The little fruit gummies were expired and to hard to eat. I didn't realize that when they got put out.)

Day 23 Saturday December 16

Opps Gus Gus fell asleep on the job and didn't move from his spot. The kids asked why and I said he must have been comfy, 

Day 24 Sunday December 17

Gus Gus is hanging out with some snowmen friends, but he knocked on on the ground. 

Day 25 Monday December 18

Gus Gus decided he is going to be a tree topper since we never bought one because we can't agree on one. 

Day 26 Tuesday December 19

It must be taco Tuesday.  from Elf Kit

Day 27 Wednesday December 20

Can you find 14 candy canes on the tree? They were hidden around the house on different trees. 

Day 28 Thursday December 21 

Austin made Gus a tent at school. Only his head fit in it but he had a nice nap. 

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