What We Ate Week 3

 Hey friends. It was another off week with the kids being off school for an ice day, the roads were not safe to drive on. The week before was a freeze day, feel like temps were below -10 means the kids don't have school. Maybe this week will be back to normal. 

I plan my menu over the weekend in preps to go shopping on Monday while my youngest is in preschool. It was another week were I should have adjusted lunches for me (I had planned soup but we ended up having company who ate half the soup), lunches for the kids with them being off school and having all 5 of them, and Brian's schedule changing and he was working more nights. When it is just me and the kids I end up not making what was on the schedule if I know they won't eat it. 


We stayed home from church for some much needed family time. Austin said this was the best breakfast ever. I made sourdough mini heart shaped waffles. We had mixed fruit, chocolate chips, and whipped cream for topping. Plus bacon. This use to be our weekly Sunday breakfast before we started going to church. 

Brian is in charge of making breakfast most mornings. (I did the waffles on Sunday) Most of the week breakfast was chicken sausage from Trader Joes, eggs sandwich on a bagel or English Muffin. Tuesday morning Brian made an open face shrimp sandwich with egg, tomato and who knows what else. It was really good.


Sunday for lunch I have a BLT. The rest of the week was a free for all make shift nothing went as planned lunch week. A few days I have a box of Trader Joes tomato soup with sourdough bread. One day was crazy running around with kids I didn't have time to make something so I had a protein bar. I need to plan better on those days. 


My go to snacks this week have been a veggie tray or a protein bar


Sunday Brian made salmon with mash potatoes and broccoli

Tuesday- Chicken tacos bowls

Wednesday- The kids and I had chicken nuggets and tator tots

Thursday- Leftover randomness

Friday- Grilled Cheese

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