Myrtle Beach 5, 6 and 7

  Hey friends. I am back sharing more from our Myrtle Beach vacation that we took over the new year. If you missed any be sure to check out Day Oneand Day Two and Three, and Day Four.

Wednesday January 3rd

Leftovers for breakfast. Biscuits, gravy, eggs, tator tots and tomato. 

Coffee on the balcony. (I really do miss relaxing outside each morning with my coffee Ohio needs to warm back up. )

We had no big plans for the day. I spent time after breakfast relaxing in bed, and doing my bible recap. Anna comes in looking adorable in my new sunglasses and Austin's new hat. 

That afternoon we went swimming. We had the whole place to ourselves. The temp in the hot tub was different everyday, and the water height. This day the water wasn't as hot or as high and Anna loved having her own personal pool. 

Anna was just tall enough without the jets to be able to touch the ground and she enjoyed some time without her life vest on. 

What pool time wouldn't be complete without drying off in the sauna. 

For an early dinner we headed to Murrells Inlet. It is the seafood capital of South Carolina and Ella's one request was for crab legs. We picked a restaurant and right by it was a cute pier to walk down. We saw some beautiful pelicans just sitting on posts. 

We ended up eating at The Claw House. 

Ella got her crab legs. I got ahi tuna tacos. The kids shared mac and cheese and chicken fingers. 

Our waitresses name was Audreanna - so close to Audrianna. 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel as it was getting cold and there was a storm heading in. I got in my 23 minute workout, not the best after a few drinks but I got it done. 

Thursday January 4th

Our last full day of vacation. Brian ran and grabbed coffee from McDonalds. Breakfast was finishing up whatever was in the hotel that we bought. 

We did some last minute souvenir shopping. This place had a cute shell and dinosaur out front for photo opps but both had puddles so you couldn't sit in them. 

Brian also wanted to go back to the beach one last time for some photos with his mom. It was windy and chilly. Trying to keep the kids out of the water was hard. 

But he got his photos. 

I was even able to get one with all 6 of us, my phone was propped up in my shoe. 

Then was time for ice cream for lunch. It was hard to find a place that was still open for ice cream. Austin requested blue. 

Anna wanted orange, that turned out to be peach that she wasn't a fan of. 

Ella got coffee ice cream. I was disappointed they didn't have any dairy free ice cream.

We spent the rest of the day swimming at the hotel, and packing up to leave the next day. 

Friday January 5th

Check out of the hotel was 10am. We got everything packed and the van loaded but had 2 hours to spare. We grabbed coffee then drove around. We stopped by the Myrtle Beach pier and walked a little bit. It was freezing. Other people had winter coats, hats and gloves on, we were not dressed for the cold. 

We had easy time returning our rental car to Turo. Going through security this time we had to take our shoes off, minus the kids but everything went smooth. 

Our layover was in Midway Chicago. It was busy. We got food then got on our last flight home. 

It was a rough flight home. Everyone did good though. Anna played with Ella and Austin slept. I read my kindle and keep distracted. 

We had a wonderful vacation. I would love to go back to Myrtle Beach in season when it is warmer and everything is open. If we were to go away over the New Year again I would want to be further south. 

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  1. It is tough vacationing in the off season when not everything is open. We're so spoiled with lots of great ice cream places all around us (many of them even year round!) and I'm always surprised when we travel that there are places where ice cream can be so hard to find.

    1. most of our local ice cream shops are open all year too


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