What We Ate Week 9

 Hey friends. Sharing out last week of what we ate.


This weeks breakfast have been a lot of eggs and toast. Last week when I went grocery shopping Avocado bags were on sale so I grabbed one of those. I love avocado toast and on top of eggs. 


Lunches this week were all about salads. I prepped some on Sunday with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, black beans, corn, shredded chicken, air fryer hard boiled eggs, and romaine lettuce. I added dressing later. 

This is what came out of a small/normal size mason jar. 

For protein I had chicken fries leftover from the kids. 

Protein is leftover ground turkey taco meat. 

Friday was a crazy and I didn't have time to sit down to really eat. I threw a bean burger in the microwave and had a shake, most of which I drank in the car. 


Rice cakes with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Chocolate shake with 1/2 banana frozen, 8 oz water, 8 oz coconut milk, 1 tbsp pb2

not picture popcorn


Sunday I made a whole chicken in the Instant pot, later in the week I made bone broth out of the chicken bones. 

We had chicken with red skin mash potatoes and gravy, mixed veggies, and salad.

Monday night was gorgeous. We had two families over for hot dos on the fire. (not my kids, but he insisted on cutting up his hot dog then putting it back on the bun)

Tuesday was ground turkey tacos

Wednesday and Thursday we had some variation of leftovers

Friday Brian pulled chicken schnitzel and cheese spatzle out of the freezer. 

Saturday night we finally had a long over due date night. I had a ahi tuna burger which was lightly seared in everything but the bagel seasoning and sweat potato friends 

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